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    Question forza 4 question

    so i got the essentials edition which came free with my xbox 360 slim bundle....my question is this...what is the difference between the essentials edition and the regular standard edition. does the standard edition have any extra cars with it? if i buy the standard edition will my progress from the essentials edition still be there or will it be treated as if its a save file for a completely different game?
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    you are missing ~200 cars with the essentials edition

    i dont know about the progress, but you can "upgrade" your essentials edtiion via the marketplace i believe or you can go buy a full copy of forza 4
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    if i buy the full copy how many more cars does it come with?
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    Thats pretty lame they dont even give you the full game with a system bundle :/. Is that game made by EA or something?

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    the bundle also came with a downloadable version of skyrim,one month subscription to xbox live, and a free wireless controller. all for the same price as a regular non bundled 220gb 360. it was the 220 gb version too. so it wasn't that bad a deal. and no forza 4 was made by microsoft/turn 10 studios. although ea pulled a jerk move by removing porsche from the line-up via refusing to renew the subcontract they had with microsoft/turn 10.
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