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    Ohhh toooo many to list.

    Top spot is between these though:

    ^^^ Gets epic at 0.54

    Both bad-ass songs that you only hear for tiny portions of the game.

    Also best live version of a game song IMO:

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    The lack of halo soundtracks so far is disturbing.
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    Still alive


    Want you gone.
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    Not really "from" a game, but it's used in Most Wanted 2012:

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    A relic from when COD used to be good:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Disgustipated View Post
    What game is this from? Alan Wake?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tuuuu Drengen View Post
    What game is this from? Alan Wake?
    Yeah, it appears at the end of Episode 5. I also liked this from Episode 4:

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    Anything really from FF6, gets me right in the feels every time.

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    Suikoden 2 was one of the games that got me hooked into rpgs and fantasy themed games.

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    AoC may not have been the best mmorpg, but it sure has some of the best music, really suited to the game and lore.

    Age of Conan - The Dreaming Anew- Memories of Cimmeria.

    Age of Conan - The Dreaming- 'Ere the World Crumbles...'

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    Hmm, several from the same game series, spellforce, have one of the best soundtracks i know of, aside from castlevania...

    then again, music is a personal taste so

    Not chosen in particular, first one that pop'ed although I do like it

    Another one:

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    I love this theme song to death, amazing

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    ^ indeed, was considering putting it myself.
    Those hips.... <3

    Edit: like omg, put the animated version!

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    You can like some songs for the humor too right?

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    I can't think of a single song I love over all others but this is one of my favorites:

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    Mine is without a doubt Valley of the Fallen Star (Cosmo Canyon from FFVII). I cant embed it since I made this account to post this amazing song. D:

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