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    A windsteed to hasten my travels would be a nice addition to anyone's fleet. Good luck to all and congrats in advance to the winner.

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    Tonight's my lucky night!

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    this is a reply (i hope)

  5. #1025
    Today is the day I get my windsteed!
    Or, ynow a week or so from now.

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    Stood in the Fire
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    May 2009
    When that mount starts to fly it kind of looks like that dog from Neverending Story. I'd like to have that dog...

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    Would love a mount! Wait, that doesn't sound right... :-P Ne'ertheless! :-)

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    +1 from Eastern Europe

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    Keyboard Turner
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    Jan 2013
    Viborg, Denmark
    Ohh, mmo, beautilful you are,
    So please let some luck fall upon me,
    like a shining star :3

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    Would love to have one.

  13. #1033
    rollin the dice, gimme a mount!

  14. #1034
    im hoping to win

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    Would be nice to win! ... Especially since I can't afford to buy this mount right now. : (

  17. #1037
    Drop one here thanks.

  18. #1038
    Good luck with the epicz everyone and may Elune be with you!

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    That mount....looks unique at least.

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    Always so much news I enjoy it. Concise, accurate, and timely.

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