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    Group of 3-6IRL friends LF similar group to play with

    As stated, we are a group of 3-6 (depending on day/time/etc) looking for another group to inhouse 3's, 5's, or duo que with. We are active on skype, and our skill range is in the scope of 1200-1600elo. We are IRL friends or family, we always have a good time, and are looking for another group (or individuals) to add to our little rat pack.

    Just looking for another group to get some friendly inhouse games with etc. madwabbit23 at yahoo, or just hit me up madwabbit in lol.

    We are active nearly every evening, and occasionally dunk all-nighters on friday or sat nights. email/msg if interested.

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    Message sent!
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    Message sent : )! I am always looking for others to jam with

    btw I am silverknight changed my name cause silverocean wasn't available !

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    what server?

    EDIT: Figured it out... NA.
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