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    Quote Originally Posted by BeastmasterGuardian View Post
    Pandaren Monks already existed in another Warcraft product and were simply enhanced for play in WoW. It was WC2 or WC3 that first brought us the Panda Monk, which is what prompted the idea for the store pet long before the expansion.
    So that means I have to like it and play one?

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    Class traits: Combat Orchestra: When two or more Bards play alongside their buffs can trigger and be triggered by whichever Bard, even by those who didn’t apply it.
    That would just support class stacking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dither9 View Post
    That would just support class stacking.
    That's my other problem. You'd just bring 3 bards, one of each spec. It'd start OP, then Blizz would nerf it on the assumption all groups would take 3, and thereby mandate 3.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeadmanWalking View Post
    To be honest I did not look into the tables. I read your original post and thats about as far as I could get as you tend to be unnecesarily long winded about minute abilities as if you were coding the class yourself rather than giving an over all explanation of the class in a succinct fashion. Your spec names are wholly unprenouncable and I couldn't tell you what any of the names actually mean in a real world setting with the exception of minstrel. I am not at all excited to tell anyone that I play a Terpsichorean.

    Now FFXI also has a Dancer class, which is mostly what you must of meant by Terpsichorean.

    Sometimes brevity in explanation is better than getting indepth as you can convey your intended function as opposed to the reader glancing over it and ignoring the meat of your meal because its just too much to take in. My 3 dimensional art professor once told me function before form. I was to make a paper tower out of a single continuous sheet of cardstock (like a business card) that could hold up a brick while wieghing the least possible. So I made a form that he had never in 20 years seen that should of held up 5 bricks but I had carved too many intricate shapes in the paper to make it artistic and it failed to do what its form was designed to do, hold up a single brick. So function before form.

    If I were to describe a Demonology warlock I would say, "The warlock fills his resource bar by casting dots and damage spells until he can shift into demon form and expend his resource bar casting stronger faster attacks. Each spell rewards the warlock with varying amount of resource and each critical hit allows them to cast their hardest hitting spell quicker and with less mana making crits important for filling the resource bar as well as haste."
    XD KAY lesson learned! I will edit the OP asap.
    Anyway, a terpsichorean is meant to be a dancing dps with incredible agility and that makes use of his ability to put entertaining buffs and debuffs to stun and disorient his enemies or improve his combat skills. Basically a heavy debuffer melee combatant with great dodge skills since, u know, it has only cloth armor.

    A thespian is in other words, an actor. It is supposed to be a pure support spec. All of the three specs use music to enhance their abilities so they fit into as a Bard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dokhidamo View Post
    Haven't fully read it yet, but one thing I'd for sure change is it wouldn't be a Hero Class.

    For me, Hero should be reserved for those classes with a reason to start higher level. Like the DK was an undead champion, or a Demon Hunter would have had prior training (possibly under Illidan himself). A bard, much like a Monk, can easilly start at level 1.
    That is correct. I just put hero to sound like there would be more hero classes to share the hero title with DKs. I don't care if they would be heroes but perhaps Blizz could spin them to be IDK =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by RicardoZ View Post

    Translation: "I'll cover you, with this song that goes something like this..."

    that's a caricature and u know it =P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dither9 View Post
    That would just support class stacking.
    Actually this is meant to help groups of only bards. And is supposed to have a toggle on/off option for when in groups/raids. In reality, it only hastens the Revelations effects without increasing their effectiveness, which is something that is up to the Bard to decide.

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