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    Shaman New Tier released~!

    Wowhead has all three colorings up for display. I'm looking forward to this tier, looks really well done and fits the theme of the new raid

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    Yeah it looks great on a goblin male ...

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    Goblin working his core. Scary thought is the same thing happens on female skins. Other recolorings look fine though

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    Quote Originally Posted by zenga View Post
    Yeah it looks great on a goblin male ...

    tier that gives you abs? yes please

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    Ok ok, so a lightning themed raid with no lightning on shaman tier

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aviators View Post
    Ok ok, so a lightning themed raid with no lightning on shaman tier
    This. I was kinda hoping for it to look badass. Like Skyshatter but with a more darker, Mogu type style. Also I think the helm looks incomplete when viewed in 3D mode. Its like a mask just stuck to the face, with no bindings or anything. I kinda get the witchdoctor mask thing but I would have liked some lightning effects on there.
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    Dat torso lol. Looks legit on an orc so i guess they were saving the best set for last.

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    i like it

    very trolly

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    These are my feelings for this set..
    Testing: Will probably be toooooo big.

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    Not my cup of tea for now, may change after seeing it in game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aviators View Post
    Ok ok, so a lightning themed raid with no lightning on shaman tier
    paladins got it this tier

    I think we have to live with it that shaman set does not mean automatically something with lightning. remeber the challenge mode set what druids got?
    and if you take a look at our t15 tier and the cm set they are in the same theme IMO

    afterall not bad set. it looks ok on my panda so I like it^^ perhaps there are some more effects we can't see in the modelviewer but I guess we see a video soon
    and don't forget the pvp set this looks really nice this time too IMO

    edit: ok we have a video on the front page
    the eyes and mouth is glowing too
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    I'd say that most of the tier looks quite bland... But is made up by the absolutely awesome mask. Will definitely be using that for a troll-mog.
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    I was so excited when I heard that the shaman tier was taking longer..


    Then I saw the video.

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    I like it! New color to work moggins whit from the LFR is pure love =)

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    Love it when they give mail a "voodoo" mask so good for trolls
    rest of the set is not bad at all either

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    didn't really like it, glad i got the challenge mode set :d

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    I was expecting a lot more "wow" factor, but it just seems (to me anyways) rather bland. It's okay though. Not amazing, not bad, just so so.

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    so I'd use the shoulders......and nothing else

    nevermind, we've got so many other good tiers to use from with transmog, hardly a big issue, hopefully t16 will be better.
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    I'm so sorry ;_;

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    So they mix a Metal / Stone theme with a Voodoo Mask?

    Don't like it, expected some fancy Lightning Set.

    They must have really replaced those guys that designed previous Shaman Sets, because T14 & T15 don't like really fitting for a Shaman.
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