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    Operation: Shieldwall haste trinket for affli?

    How good is this trinket for affliction? My lock is sitting at 470 ilvl at the moment(Started LFR-ing last week) and I got some VP saved up. Is it worth spending them on this trinket?

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    I was wondering the same, I have RoY U2 and EoT LFR, I hate EoT because sometimes it doesn't proc in opener burst at all and annoys me alot. I'm Sifon from Twisting Nether btw but I can't post links yet.

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    The shieldwall trinket IS good, for people like me who have absolutely no chance at loot drop and can't afford a Yulon(still raiding with my 2 blue trinkets) this trinket seems cuter every day.

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    Big fan of on use trinkets because of the initial burst in SP when applying dots!
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    This trinket + 4 set DS reduction CD is imense. Virtually both proc every minute. Im stacking it on my lock atm and kicking some seriosu dps in affli and demo.

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    Relevant question for my lock as well. I'm sporting RoY 2/2, and the Zen Alchemist Stone 1/1

    Just looking at ilvls, I know that the 496 should be better than the ZAS 1/1, but that ZAS is so damned good when it procs along with RoY

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