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    People standing on quest givers while mounted.

    I hear a lot of complaining about people who stand on top of quest givers while mounted causing others to not be able to click on said quest giver.

    Do people not realize you can click on the actual exclamation point/question mark above the head of the quest giver to interact with them?

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    It's also handy to know you can change it so you can interact with NPCs by left-clicking. This way you won't accidentally attack those tools that sit on top of the seed vendor and get ran over by guards.

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    That or have some baby spice handy. Actually the reaction to the use of baby spice on someone like this is worth the effort to keep it around.
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    Hardened Shell

    Here is your other fix.

    Hardened Shell
    Item Level 1
    Binds when picked up
    Use: Throw a hard shell, dismounting the target. Unusable on targets above level 94. (15 Min Cooldown)
    "Seems unfair."
    Dropped by: Nessos the Oracle
    Drop Chance: 17.74%

    As a Druid, it is perfect. Plus, I can fly up, use the stone to dismount someone flying WAY UP THERE, cast the stone, and then shift back into a bird before I fall. Doesn't create aggro or flag you.

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