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    some nice models I like em!

    I'm guessing there's nothing for monks because we already HAVE class specific moggable weapons, we get a staff model from quests while leveling AFAIK they're not found anywhere else and they're BoP.

    I'm guessing these are something similar.
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    Legendary weapons. Called it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Compstance View Post
    Nah, I disagree with your elitist mentality.
    Tier gear should be available during the leveling process. I don't want to have to mingle with these eltitist jerks in LFR to get gear as it is. I pay a sub fee, I shouldn't have to do LFR to get raid gear, much less Flex or Normal.

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    With so much Blood Elf content going on, this would be a great time to make the game-unique model of Sin'dorei Warblade available. Seeing as lots of did quests years before they invented item recovery or transmog

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