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    The class quests are kind of a suck right now...afaik there's two for each at level 20 and one at level 50...both of which are bland "go to this dungeon and kill the mobs there" affairs. They have absolutely no flavor. There's nothing class-specific about them. The point of a class quest is to do something that only you can do, or at the very least something that fits your class a bit more than "run a dungeon."

    I've always thought that upon reaching max level characters should embark on a class quest. I feel that it makes very little sense that you're a hero of such renown that the Varian/Garrosh asks for you by name, and yet no one is asking you to do anything that specifically warrants a priest/warrior/whatever of your power? I mean...lets say you're a mage...perhaps you could be set a task by the Kirin Tor. Maybe there's a magically sealed vault in pandaria and they need you to join in casting circle to get inside, then there's puzzles or something inside that make you use your skills.

    Also I would love if there were places like Moonglade/Ebon Hold/Peak of Serenity for the other classes, but they should do them Ebon-Hold-style where only that class should be able to enter.
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    I would love to have class quest's like people say, it does feel so good to be going "something special" for your class, but like blizzard have said, it cost a lot of money to make them. In order to be a cool " epic class quest" there need atleast 5-10 missions when there is 11 classes. they would have to make between 55-110 missions. The most casual of people would only see 9% of that with them only doing it on one char. 55-110 missions is about the avage of a zone. So fine, people like me, and most of you on thise forum have more then 1 max level, we would see more of them, i would probaly see 9 classes point of view. But with those missions, for do know in order to make stuff it takes time = money. and what would help people the most 1 new zone or a raid, or a class mission
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    Next expansion every class needs to have their own faction and class hideout added to the game, like Monks/DKs/Druids have now. Every new ability 90-95 should require an epic solo class quest to learn, that teaches you the new ability as part of it. I want abilities to mean something, rather than just magically floating onto my actionbars like they do now. And I want people to be forcibly taught how to play their class. Remember the old Hunter Ancient Petrified Leaf questline? The one that forcibly taught you how to kite mobs? Bring stuff like that back. And gain reputation for my class faction, so I can unlock class-specific gear and transmog stuff.

    Something like:

    Faction: Cenarion Circle
    Location: Moonglade
    Leader: Malfurion Stormrage

    Faction: Nesingwary Lodge
    Location: Stranglethorn?
    Leader: Hemet Nesingwary and Sons

    Faction: Kirin Tor Exiles
    Location: Shattrath City
    Leader: Khadgar

    Faction: Race Specific (Knights of the Silver Hand, Sunwalkers, Blood Knights, Hand of Argus) but all answering to A'dal.
    Location: Race Specific (Cathedral of Light, Elder Rise, Sunwell, Exodar), Shattrath City.
    Leader: Race Specific, A'dal

    Stuck on this one. Any ideas?

    Faction: Ravenholdt
    Location: Ravenholdt Manor
    Leader: Lord Jorach Ravenholdt

    Faction: Earthen Ring
    Location: Temple of Earth, Deepholm Throne of Elements, Nagrand?
    Leader: Thrall (if not Warchief), else Muln Earthfury

    Faction: Council of the Black Harvest
    Location: Black Temple
    Leader: The Six

    Struggling with this one too.

    Faction: Master Hight's Academy
    Location: Peak of Serenity
    Leader: Master Hight

    Death Knights
    Faction: Knights of the Ebon Blade
    Location: Acherus: The Ebon Hold
    Leader: Highlord Darion Mograine
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    Quote Originally Posted by gcmandrake View Post
    Stuck on this one. Any ideas?
    same as paladins. for the forsaken it could be a dark ziggurati, for gnomes, a hospital (gnome priests are medics).

    Quote Originally Posted by gcmandrake View Post
    Faction: Earthen Ring
    Location: Temple of Earth, Deepholm
    Leader: Thrall (if not Warchief), else Muln Earthfury
    therazane kicked the earthen ring out of deepholme by the end of the deepholme questline. I'm not saying it can't happen, but it would need some new lore. I think the throne of elements in nagrand would be a better candidate.

    Quote Originally Posted by gcmandrake View Post
    Struggling with this one too.
    faction specific in arenas.
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