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    Thunderfury. A lot of guilds were still putting together Thunderfury runs into late BC.
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    Been a fun run guys, but the game's officially moved into the "Milk the Playerbase" phase. And I for one don't intend to stick around as the cost of expansions go up, content in them goes down, and raids become further and further apart.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Morbidity View Post

    I'm trying to remember wich items were still used in tbc ( patterns/recipe's/gear ), but where gained from vanilla instances.

    There were quite a few enchantments that lasted through, i can't exactly remember them right now though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vladimeir View Post
    I know there is another BC or Wrath item that was ridiculous for tanks as well.
    The Halion 25h trinket for tanks was superior to the cataclysm trinkets, because of the high +armor. But they adjusted it some weeks into the expansion.

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    the viscidus val'anyr trinket.
    i still saw people using it in wotlk. dont know how good it was then but i saw it a lot more in BC on disc priests.

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    There was a flask from vanilla that was good for holy pallies in wotlk.

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    Only cleared MC and BWL in vanilla, from those instances one of our tanks was using Thunderfury for long time in TBC because of its proc.
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    Mark of the Champion, the quest reward from the Phylactery of Kel'Thuzad, was a best in slot trinket for DPS casters vs undead and demons which Hyjal/Black Temple and Sunwell had TONS of.

    85 static spellpower.

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    Darkmoon card: Blue Dragon. Used it for whole TBC as resto druid, insane upkeep partially due to class specific healing.

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