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    Fastest leveling class

    Outside of a DK or course, what class would you say is the fastest to level from 1-90.

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    Hunter, you got your own pocket tank

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    Either Hunters because of the pet tank, or Monks because of the daily XP buff.

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    Hunter all the way. With boas you can one autoshot any mob in range as you quest along until the level 40 ish range. In cata I leveled a hunter 1-42 the first day, 42-68 the next day, 68-81 the third day, and finished getting to 85 on the 4th.

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    Well... the fastest leveling class is Monk... why? cause they have a daily buff that give them 50% more exp on mobs and quests!, and also another 50% exp buff every 10 lvl!

    (These quests start at lvl 20)

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    Monk forsure. Rested xp, Roll, daily double xp quest, and can tank for insta-ques,

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    Monk easily. Heirlooms plus their XP bonus? Not even close.
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    Probably Monk for the double XP that you can use from 80 or 85. Or... hunter/enh shaman

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    Thanks for all the replies. Will definitely try a monk

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    If you mean fastest /played time as opposed to real life time, I would suggest doing the daily quest on your monk for a few minutes every day even if you don't intend on leveling it yet. The 50% xp buff stacks so you can have many many hours of +50% xp ready for when you wanna have a leveling session with the monk.

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