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    I think all of these lists need more Cow Bell personally.

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    Ron Perlman

    You know, Fallout's narrator. "War. War never changes"

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    Quote Originally Posted by phillipisawarlock View Post
    Morgan Freeman. All of the titans. Even the female.
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    Morgan freeman would be great..... he should voice garrosh

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    Jim Cummings. I want a Titan saying "butt-kicking for goodness"

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    John D Lancie,
    The Guy who plays Q from the trek universe, Sure not a deep booming voice, but has a edge to it which is quite godlike.

    Leonard Nimoy would also be another great choice.

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    garrosh freeman would be the best troll ever

    how can u raid him.... his voice is so calming

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    Quote Originally Posted by phillipisawarlock View Post
    Morgan Freeman. All of the titans. Even the female.
    first replay and we already have a winner

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    Leonard Nimoy and Sir Patrick Stewart please

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    It's not going to matter. Chris Metzen will end up voicing them.

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    Aman'thul: Christopher Lee
    Eonar: Cate Blanchett
    Golganneth: Morgan Freeman
    Norgannon: James Taylor
    Khaz'Goroth: John Rhys-Davies
    Aggramar: Cam Clarke

    Sargeras: Takashi Nagasako (You may know him for this). Alternatively, Ian McDiarmid
    "I quit WoW."

    If I say it's Azshara next enough times, eventually I'll be right. So here we go again. It's got to be Azshara next, so get ready for the Sylvanas expansion we inevitably get instead!

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    I don't know about the rest. But I sure hope they don't change the V.A of Sargeras.

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    Samuel L Jackson, or whoever played Jar Jar Binks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xiphan View Post
    The Sargeras line in the Battle For The Undercity sounded pretty good.

    Aman'Thul - Michael Palin
    Eonar - Terry Jones
    Norgannon - John Cleese
    Khaz'goroth - Eric Idle
    Golganneth - Terry Gilliam
    Sargeras - Stephen Fry
    Aggramar - Hugh Laurie
    Now this would be too funny.

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    meh sargs current voice is kinda dull

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    Peter Cullen
    Morgan Freeman
    Mark Hamill
    Tony Jay (Know he's dead but god rest his soul)
    Dee Bradly Baker
    Ian McKellen
    Keith David
    Ron Perlman
    Jim Cummings

    Sadly I can't think of any good females. But Cullen, Hamill, and Freeman are must haves, as would Tony Jay if he were still alive.

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