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    Because I could not stop for Deathwing

    Because I could not stop for Deathwing,
    He kindly stopped for me;
    The instance held but just ourselves
    And server instability.

    We slowly progressed, gear with no haste,
    And I had put away
    My t12, and my offhand too,
    For his RNG.

    We passed the loot, where raiders strove
    At rolling high, for a ring;
    We passed the fields of wiping noobs,
    We passed the alt night run.

    Or rather, he passed us;
    The loots grew quivering and chill,
    For spirit-less my cloth gown,
    My trinkets only tulle.

    We paused before a pug that seemed
    A swelling of the ground;
    The achievements scarcely visible,
    The gearscore but a mound.

    Before the xpac 'tis centuries, and yet each
    Feels shorter than the day
    I first surmised the developers' heads
    Were toward MoP
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    Like the poem rendition, love the avatar.

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    Haha thanks. Bored on a Friday night / Saturday morning. Some guildies and I love to make WoW-related song parodies, and I just thought it'd be refreshing to mix in a poem parody.
    My Twitch stream: <We Got This> | Kul Tiras (US)
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    Nice read
    Warriors in PvP are like small hyperactive children in a candy shop made of bouncy castle.

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