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    The most 'alive' horde server?

    Title says all so witch is?

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    EU or US?
    In any way, It's NOT Sha'tar EU :P

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    Definetely not Darkmoon Faire as you can sit in trade chat for an hour and only see 1 or 2 people speaking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jacoob View Post
    stormscale EU
    Definitely Stormscale EU

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    I'll assume you're from the UK by your spelling of 'which', therefore EU servers :P that would probably be Kazzak, Stormscale or Twisting Nether PvP Realms and Draenor PvE. is your friend.
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    Either Kazzak or Stormscale
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skullchukka View Post
    EU or US?
    In any way, It's NOT Sha'tar EU :P
    It's EU..........

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    Stormscale EU, only high populated placed with alliance would be The Dark Portal and Hellfire Peninsula where they gank low-levels.

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    Got a few alts on Kazzak Eu and I can safely say that is (one of the) most 'alive' horde servers.

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    Stormscale EU followed by Kazzak
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    Don't forget Twisting Nether, same Horde-Alliance ratio but 4000 more characters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goit View Post
    I'll assume you're from the UK by your spelling of 'which', therefore EU servers :P
    No he just used the wrong sort of which is all. Witch = evil woman who kidnaps children and has covens around fires.

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    yeh also Twisting Nether, im on that realm atm, beasty server

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    easily US-Illidan over anything.

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    Defias Brotherhood too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khronius View Post
    Defias Brotherhood too.
    Not even close. Its one of the most balanced realms though.
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    Look at population for Illidan.

    The only thing that even comes close to that is a Russian server with the same ratio, but 4k less players.


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    Three realms spring to mind then.
    Stormscale, Kazzak and Draenor.
    Stormscale if you're exclusively looking for PvP.
    Kazzak if you're looking for PvE focussed players with the opportunity to enjoy W-PvP
    Draenor if you looking for PvE focussed players without the risk of getting ganked or worry about W-PvP.

    I I had to pick which was the busiest I'd probably say Stormscale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Binki View Post
    Not even close. Its one of the most balanced realms though.
    Population wise yes but activity wise...Basically all alliance is sitting in the shrine spamming LFG Sha while the horde actually goes out in the world.

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