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    US-Area 52 is very horde heavy, and a high pop server as well.

    Here's a list for US servers.

    Illidan 17,043 (1/0.00)
    Mal'Ganis 12,436 (1/0.01)
    Azralon 11,246 (1/0.05) - never even heard of this server lol
    Area 52 15,350 (1/0.03)

    Other servers will be lower pop and much higher ratio. These 4 are your best bets.
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    I moved from Kul Tiras EU (dead realm) to Kazzak EU and it feels like a whole new game. Back to being a MMo

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    Twisting Nether EU. hundreds of guilds, alot of pvp guilds. Hundreds of people in both Orgrimmar and Shrine of two moons at 3-6 am in the morning.

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    PvE or PvP?

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    Stormscale, followed closely by Twisting Nether.

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    Im moving to Draenor come the end of the month, it seems nicely busy on there. Much more so than Neptulon...I was one of 3 people online the other day!

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    Same, I've decided to roll my horde toons on Draenor and they seem like nice people so far. A lot of looking for rbg and the like in tradechat too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goit View Post
    I'll assume you're from the UK by your spelling of 'which', therefore EU servers :P that would probably be Kazzak, Stormscale or Twisting Nether PvP Realms and Draenor PvE.

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    Yeah, we spell "which" correctly in the UK, I don't know why you'd associate "witch" with the UK as spelling.

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