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    I find it really really great. It would be cool if every critter has the same model =)

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    i'm not so excited about this: Only new frog pets will use this model, older ones will continue to use the older one.

    i want to keep my mojo, but not if other frogs look like real frogs..

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    Frogs get more love than player models!

    This reminds me of:

    "Frost sabers will now correctly leave footprints in the snow when walking backwards"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashkiman View Post
    that's it i'm rerolling a frog
    Dibs on frog warrior, i'll name him frog or chrono.

    "Humility defeats pride, Master Yang has preached. Pride defeats man"

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    Yay! New models are always pleasing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wariofan1 View Post
    Bunny and Prairie Dogs must be next, those things are made of paper. At least they fixed the worst model in-game now.
    I think chickens have even fewer polygons than frogs. Hard to believe I know.

    Bunnies are awful, yup.

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    That frog is cute. I may actually use a frog pet now.

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    Hmm looks nice. Maybe they can also make it a 5.4 Brawler's Guild lvl 12 boss?

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    Quite obvious they won't upgrade all the frogs, this is probs for an entirely new one on the dino isles. We'll be stuck with soon 10 year old models made up by half a polygon for years to come in regards to old world critters and animals.
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