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    inscription staffs upgraded gain you some good ilvl and if useable by your class last a decent amount of time

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    Ah! My field of expertise! For late main characters, skip the inapplicable items.

    1) Make one of the inscription staffs, if the class to be boosted can use staffs at all.
    2) On another character, upgrade the staff x2. Then send it to the Boostee.
    3) Darkmoon trinket. They are absurdly cheap and you'll always find them in the AH (my server is one of the lowest populated in Europe and they're pretty much all there).
    4) Scenarios. Hope for an epic drop.
    5) Dungeons. While you're queuing, do dailies.
    You should have enough gear to enter MV now.

    Additional tricks require some gold and some planning, including gloves and chest crafted for your class (regular, not blood spirit gear).

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    Just run heroics for 2-3 hours and get into an msv grp (if you have 6/6 on your main and talk a bit that should be easy even at 455 ilvl), once inside ask that you get every piece that otherwise was going to be disenchanted. Even if the group fails miserably (4/6) you'll get above 460 and if you get through the entire thing you might even be able to go into HoF/terrace lfr.

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    theres a number of ways to reach 470 illvl if that is ur goal for lfr.
    make sure u have grabbed the rep badge for the klaxxi faction. 1. do klaxxi dailys and quests asap. if u did already have the badge activated for 100% more rep. u will be revered by the time u hit 90 jus by doing the entire dread wastes area.. and proly 5600-6k rep inside it. u can reach exalted in 6 days without even farming dread shards just by doing dailys (exalted gives a free 489 ring) (be sure to turn in any 5 dread shards that you aquire obviously)

    dungeons( be sure to run dungeons for your gear.. once u hit 1500 jp u can upgrade some 463 items to 471 further boosting your ilvl)

    honor grind: 458 gear isnt much but it helps

    cheap ah items: some epics dont cost shit.. others cost a lot.. for clothies spelltwisters grand robe and gloves normally are very cheap.. ive seen each as cheap as 1.5k and 2k respectivly. thats 2 476 ilvl items covered.

    Sha: make sure to kill sha every week preferably with an elder coin to increase your chances of getting a tier piece or a 483 pvp item

    arena 2v2/3v3: if you have a friend to carry you, go for it. be sure to join the carry's team cause of the lower rating brackets usually have easier fights vs players.

    LFR: find the boss with the most possible drops and you might want to use a coin on him if you desperatly need 470. for clothies elegon is preferred as he can drop 3 items alone just for us.

    even with bad luck in lfr and no arena i still managed to reach 470 ilvl.. do hof + terrace.. and went up to 475 ilvl from grabbing 3 items. it is possible to get 470 in 1 week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cookie View Post
    Just run heroics for 2-3 hours and get into an msv grp (if you have 6/6 on your main and talk a bit that should be easy even at 455 ilvl), once inside ask that you get every piece that otherwise was going to be disenchanted.
    You must play on the friendliest server around if asking people to both carry you and give you loot to bost your ilevel instead of taking shards is a viable option!

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    Buy BoEs (epic armor/ contender gear/DMF trinks), do sha (guaranteed boots), crafted weapon (or archaeology spear if you can wield it), win 10 arenas and buy malevolent shoulders.

    Outside of that, spam HCs.
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    1. buy 496 / 476 epics off the AH (crafted chest / gloves + darkmoon trinket and bracers that drop from trash)
    2. Depending on class equip the 3 463 (u can upgrade to 471 on any char) blues from archaeology
    3. Do dailies with the new 5.1 faction and spend valor on 496 items
    4. 5 mans to fill the remainder of your gear with 463 items (upgrade to 471 as points allow)
    5. Kill sha and the LFRs you have access to every week.
    6. Get exalted with Kalaxxi and Golden Lotus for a 489 ring and neck.
    7. Cap Conquest for 483 pvp epics.

    Also you can run normal / heroic raids <=== Check out my Youtube Channel !!

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