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    Your Favorite MoP Heroic Dungeon?

    What is your favorite MoP dungeon, and why is it your favorite?!

    You have 9 great ones to choose from:

    1) Gate of the Setting Sun
    2) Temple of the Jade Serpent
    3) Stormstout Brewery
    4) Mogu'shan Palace
    5) Shadow-Pan Monestary
    6) Seige of Niuzao Temple
    7) Scarlet Halls
    8) Scarlet Monestary
    9) Scholomance

    Mine has to be Scholomance! Its so nicely done, great models, fresh feeling, and good story to go with it, not to mention that it is fairly short and sweet. The krasnov vanity item is also super fun to play around with!

    So whats yours?
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    the 2 scarlets i like the most.

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    I actually really like the remakes, because they're fast and easy to do with pugs.

    In terms of "feel" and aesthetic, though, I think Jade Temple is hands-down my favorite.

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    100% Gate of the Setting Sun. It's too awesome and a nice outdoor heroic.

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    I also loved the new Scholomance, my favorite so far with Stormstout Brewery a close second.

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