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    Quote Originally Posted by mvallas View Post
    I never, EVER, saw a post where somebody complained the "world looks empty". (...)
    Just a quotation from one of the many threads on the topic at hand : there cannot be a "world" when there is a simple interface which teleports you everywhere. The CRZ feature is merely a stopgap, the next best thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mvallas View Post
    I never, EVER, saw a post where somebody complained the "world looks empty".
    We shouldn't presume that CRZ is some developer response to forum chatter. In this case I'm going to guess that it's a rather large change to their network infrastructure and they have their own reasons for doing it and rationalizations (good or bad) for how it will affect players.

    That said, Blizzard remains ever hopeful that they can find ways to attract new players to the game. New players joining up to one of the largest MMO's on the planet (with all that the acronym implies) probably would expect to see other players as they level up. Having started a couple of new toons since MoP on an extremely casual basis I can report that they will now. I'm not sure they'll actually like the other players they meet but other players they certainly will see.

    Lastly, I've seen plenty of threads in the past both here and on the main boards about how empty the world seems.
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    There's two problems I've seen with CRZ so far. One being a bug and the other is just a core gameplay feature. 1) Some dismounting bugs when crossing zones and 2) mob tagging while questing. Fix these two and I see no problems.

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    I've seen threads complaining about empty zones in every single MMO I've ever played.

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