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    Problem regarding sound.

    So, my sister bought herself a desktop pc.
    The thing is, when she plugs in a headset, either in the front of the case, or back on the motherbord, the sound is switched around.
    The sound that is supposed to be on the left ear is on the right, and the other way around.
    (Yes she has the headset the correct way on her head).

    Motherboard is a MSI B75MA-P45. She's not a hardcore computer geek/gamer.

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    If it also happens on the back of the motherboard, the headset is wired incorrectly and you need to get a replacement.

    That is of course, assuming you have tried other headsets and they work without problems.

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    What is the headset you are using? Can you test the headset on another computer? If the problem is occurring from 2 different audio outputs my guess is the headset is wired incorrectly, but it would be a good idea to make sure.

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    Not sure what headset she got at the moment. She will fetch a headset from work, so I guess we will see on monday.

    If it is not the headset, what other options are there?

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    It was indeed her headset being faulty. Thank you.

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