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    Stood in the Fire
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    Jan 2010
    ive been trying since tuesday, i cant do this crap my lock is 503 ilvl but ive never played destro ever not once, and i hate it, its honestly driving me nuts

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    High Overlord MoonZapdos's Avatar
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    Jul 2010

    Reply to a ticket I sent before acquiring the tome. Should clear up any doubts left.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jessicka View Post
    Well to anyone on EU servers, good luck with it tonight, seems a hotfix just broke our Gateways.
    Broken how? I've allready gone offline for the night, not in the mood to go check things right now tbh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xskarma View Post
    Broken how? I've allready gone offline for the night, not in the mood to go check things right now tbh.
    You can summon them, but clicking them does nothing.

    It's weird actually, I don't remember being able to actually target them, since 5.2 you can, and you can see them target you when you click them

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    They no longer function, they just sit there mocking me as the chaos bolt cast timer reaches the end

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jessicka View Post
    Well to anyone on EU servers, good luck with it tonight, seems a hotfix just broke our Gateways.
    Yeah, just as i was making progress as affliction

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    It's a problem on US servers too. Glad Kanrethad is out of the way, but I hope it gets fixed soon for everyone working on him.

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    Cheers, guys. That seems clearly broken enough for me not to have to drag my sorry butt back online to check it out.
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    Getting him consistently to 6-7% with no working portals.

    Sucks. WTB bug fixes.

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    You can still kill the guy. I killed him without those portals. Just soak every Chaos Bolt with Sacrificial Pact (heal to full health everytime, sacrifice voidwalker for an emergency-button, to still get enough hp for a decent shield, if something goes wrong).

    I reset my aggro only once, using soul shatter, in order to get the Pitlord tank everything.

    But I like how everything goes. First they shut down the Black Temple Raid for me, now the portals.
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    Sep 2011
    holy crap. less than an hour after i get the kill gateways break. lucky or what!

    i suggest using sacpact to soak chaos bolts instead. if your a bit low on hp, sacpact + twilight ward or unending resolve should be enough

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    The Patient
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    Sep 2010
    Rochester, NY
    It's become a major cockblock for me. I was at 12% finishing off the 2nd round of felpuppies when it broke.
    After being Medieve the Uberpally for many years, finally shelved in favor of Belledanna, the Uberlock!!! (patent pending)

    -Unretired as of the launch of 6.0! Currently guild shopping. Need a good Warlock? I need a good home!

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    You don't need Gateway to down the boss, just use sac pact

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    The Patient Trolden's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    Czech Republic
    Just wanted to ask if there is a voiceover for these warlock quests.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dyzmul View Post
    I don't know if any other Warlocks have tried using the green hellfire in a raid, but I pretty much had to stop using it as everyone in raid was getting 10-20 FPS drops everytime I used the spell, and slowly got worse the longer i channeled it. Rain of fire isn't as bad but it still also drops FPS a little. Tried looking on the WoW forums for a possible bug report, but didn't find anything.
    It's not just fel hellfire -- many spells are causing folks in my guild to have fps issues. For most of us it's lightning spells.
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    Stood in the Fire Shefu's Avatar
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    Feb 2010
    I am still at the Tome grind boss. I've been wiping on it since Tuesday afternoon but Blizzard are happy with their cool quest design. Because after years of waiting for this, another type of grind is what we deserved. Can't wait to start wiping on the ridiculous boss next.

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    The warlock in my raid group got one off his first rare, then proceeded to wipe to the final boss over 2 days. He gave he his account info and after never playing a warlock at 90 I set keybinds up and got it in 3 hours. It's really not that hard, figure out how to burst the fel hounds down, make sure you use singe magic on cooldown and sac pac all the chaos bolts.

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    nah i really don't get it, seems entirely RNG. I send my Pit Lord to the furthest corner of the room so he reaches it exactly as the boss summons the first felhound, I blow DS and Havoc one, then instantly I'm interrupted by the DoTs on me, run out of RoF and the Felhound has removed my Command Demon and the boss is casting Chaos Bolt. fuck this.
    -in 5 man dungeons, Arms Warriors again are the weakest link in the chain as they require 3X amount of healing as other classes and therefore die much more frequently and receive less healing in general, as with the amount of mana spent to keep an Arms Warrior alive the healer can heal all other members and himself.

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    Headed into the Temple for the first time tonight. I'll report back with my experiences.
    My Twitch stream: <We Got This> | Kul Tiras (US)
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