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    This boss should be like a challenge mode with a flat ilvl reduction upon entering.
    I got the codex the first day you could get it and the boss was challenging in my gear.
    A friend couldn't kill it in ilvl 530 so I logged on his account to kill it for him and OMG it was just a zerg, way to easy.

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    Any idea when they will nerf the drop rate of this book? Still don't have it after countless solo rare kills.

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    Got my green fire! 1st time trying since 5.4 hit...also now have a ton more gear compared to when i tried in 5.3. Cake walk

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    Seems like you can only instant ding to lvl90 one character per account....

    There goes my dream of farming and stocking up sealed tomes to sell in the beginning of WoD, after people made a warlock alt =/

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    Too bad green fire doesnt count in Affliction.

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    did it as well with a playtime with less then 20h on my warlock on lvl 90 and not having played warlock ever before. i have to say its not really the equip, its the execution and the control of your dispells and enslaving of the pit lord. I say that because i think my DPS suck with about 70-80k with ilvl 506. Had ilvl ~ 506 when i did it. all timeless isle and LFR gear.
    was talking with friends about this and they agreed that this is a very nice quest indeed. its good that its nothing can be outgeared by many people.

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    It is a shame that this fight will get easier as gear increases in strength. I remember doing this with and item level of 467 and man was that painful but was well worth it.

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    I've watched 15 green fire quest youtube videos, all tutorials.
    I've read this entire thread, 117 pages
    I've talked to people ingame for help with it.
    I've read wowhead tutorials.
    I've actually seen someone do this live and explain it to me.
    I've got 87 wipes.

    Will there be a nerf for baddies like me?

    Or should I just continue to try do this near impossible quest boss?

    Imo I think someone should help me get full heroic SoO gear so I will finally be able to beat this boss and get my damn green fire.

    58 wipes, will delete my warlock when I reach 100 wipes.

    Let's hope I will make it!!!

    EDIT: Made it, total of 65 wipes, when u play same boss this many times you eventually realise there are easier ways of getting things done.
    I focused most on my dps on the boss and dispelling myself from all debuffs, and at the end I finally learned to time the 2nd round of imps as my "last dps burning stage" where boss had enough health for me to do shadowburn and rain of fire to gain more embers to spam even more shadowburns.
    Did that tactic 2 times, had too low dps on first one, but 2nd one got nailed perfectly.

    Sidenote; warlock is my alt with 10 days played, my knowledge of warlock didn't exactly help me through it
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