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    Plaguebearer or PL for DW Frost ?

    DW Frost with NP

    which will give more DPS - Plaguebearer or Plague Leech ? is the difference big ?

    I always thought PL gives the most DPS, but since the NP buff + since we are talking about DW Frost which means many many Frost Strikes - maybe Plaguebearer can catch up to PL ?

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    i would say it depends on what DW rotation you will be picking, DW as one with OB and other without, PL make using OB much easier, if you intend to just spam FS and HB i see no use for PL at all when you could just take BT to get about the same results

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    ^ are there different DW Frost rotations ?

    obviously I want as many FS and HB as possible due to Frost damage, but I still use OB when:
    1) I have an Unholy Rune that needs to be used
    2) KM procced and I lack the RP for a FS .. rather then sit on the KM I would just use it up on OB

    or do you mean when you turn your Unholy Runes into Death Ones via Blood Tap (can you do that ?) and then basically you have 4 Death + 2 Frost Runes and you use ALL 6 of them on HB ? No, I don't do that and don't have BT atm

    but regardless, even without OB, PL can give you runes for HBs .. question is if that is better then the extra NP stacks ?

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    one thing though is with NP + PL - when exactly do you use PL effectively ? if its on CD every 25 sec, then you might use it at a time when your NP is at a high stack count and you jsut go ahead and eat it up with your PL, losing all those precious high damage stacks

    the point of NP is to last the whole duration for maximum damage and PL jsut goes and removes it for 2 runes

    seems like PL can get counter-productive to NP .. and waiting for PL optimum usage requires timing + you lower your runes per minute when you wait on it

    while on the other hand, plaguebearer has no drawbacks like that, it only buffs NP directly and works well with FS spam of DW Frost

    but maybe PL gives so much extra DPS that all of this don't matter

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