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    Yet another death knight healer concept

    Hi guys!
    Since druids got their 4th spec, I was alway jealous jealous because it would be so great if we can have 4th spec with DKs. I always wanted a healer or ranged dps spec for us, but I think thats never going to happen, so I made this concept about DK healers.

    • This will be never on live, this is only a fanmade concept.
    • Words with * means I am not sure how to name them, and I am do not know what would be the best name for that spec.
    • My english is crap, so I cannot write perfect tooltips and its hard for me to explain things in english.
    • It is also hard to determine the correct numbers without test environment, so I wrote random numbers in the tooltips.

    Necromantic* Knight
    Trained by Val'kyrs, the necromantic* knight learned how to rule over life and death. You discovered how to possess the infinite
    powers of life and death, allowing you to heal your allies with dark energy and summon powerful minions..

    Haven't decided yet. Intellect plate would be more logical since now there is only one role (hpallys) which can use it, but I think str plate is simpler.
    1. Strength plate without hit and expertise -> Your main stats are Strength/Stamina/Haste/Crit/Mastery
    2. Intellect Plate -> Your main stats are -> Intellect/Stamina/Haste/Crit/Mastery/Spirit In this case there would be a passive which converts your spirit into another, useful stat for you. (Or should we introduce spirit->runicpower regen?)
    1. Death Runes - Since there would be one more resource type, I choosed to go with 6 death runes to simplify this "runething" a bit.
    2. Runic Power - Runic Power would be more important that it was, so RP pool is doubled and there are a lots of spells that use RP as a resource. I decided to keep RP, since I wanted to keep DKs unique.
    3. Necrotic Charge - New, stacking buff, only a few spells use it.


    Necromantic* Presence - Increases your healing done by 15%, your maximum runic power by 100% and makes haste affects your global cooldown.

    (1) Some of your abilites empowered by your necromantic* being...
    Icy Touch (Frost Fever) – When used on allies, grants a small icy barrier that absorbs xxxx damage. 1 death.
    Plague Strike(Blood Plague) - When used on allies, grants a small healing over time effect. Increases the range of plague strike by 30yards.
    Anti-Magic Shell - You can cast anti magic shell on your allies. Recolored effect.
    Death and Decay - Morphs into Death and Ascension*, healing all allies inside the circle for.
    Death Coil – You can heal yourself with death coil.

    (2) Permanently transforms your runes to death runes.

    (3) You gain a new resource type called Necromantic* Charge. It is a buff that stacks up to 10 times and it can be used to cast powerful spells. Also increasing your absorb value by 1% per stack.

    (4) The tortured souls comes to your aid, all Single Target heals leaves a buff on your target, healing nearby allies by 20% of the healing done over 6 seconds. Each point of mastery increases the effectiveness by 2%.

    People always complaining about death knight healers, they do not like concepts about manaless healers.
    I wanted to make a death knight which is capable of healing, but my main goal was somethink like a support class, with moderate healing capabilities.

    Utility spells

    Frostfire Zone* - Places a large, stationary Anti-Magic Zone at your position that reduces Fire and Frost spell damage done to party or raid members inside it by 25%. The Anti-Magic Zone lasts for 8 sec. 2 min cooldown. Costs 2 death rune. Original AMZ model.

    Plague Zone* - Places a large, stationary Anti-Magic Zone at your position that reduces Shadow and Nature spell damage done to party or raid members inside it by 25%. The Anti-Magic Zone lasts for 8 sec. 2 min cooldown. 2 death rune. It would use the green amz model.

    Necrotic Grip - Harness the unholy energy that surrounds and binds all matter, drawing your party or raid members toward the death knight. 1 minute cooldown. 50 runic power.

    Blood Mirror - 10% of damage done to your Blood Mirror target is dealt to you as shadow damage.

    Vampiric Essence – Direct damage abilites heal the caster for a small amount. Raid wide buff.

    Presence of Morgraine – Morgraines dark energy infuses all party and raid members, increasing their stamina by 10%.

    Cleansing Fever - Boils the targets blood and causing agonizing fever. The fever removes 1 disease, 1 poison and 1 magic effect from a friendly target. Costs 40 runic power.

    Reanimate - Pours dark energy into a dead target, reuniting spirit and body to bring your ally back to life with 35% of maximum health and mana. Cannot be cast when in combat. 10 sec cast.

    Single-Target healing spells

    Blood Funnel - Sacrifices 3% of your total health to restore 5% of your Target's total health every 1 sec. Lasts for 3 sec. 1 death rune. Grants 1 necromantic* charge per tick.

    Necromantic* Coil – The death knight harness the energy of the dead to heal the allies for a good amount. 2 sec cast. 3 necromantic* charge.

    AoE healing spells

    Necromantic* Tap - Heals up to 10 party or raid members for 10% of your maximum health. 30 sec cooldown, costs 5 necromantic* charge.

    Blood Burst - Consumes all necromantic* charge to unleash a blood burst, healing all party or raid members within a 30 yard frontal cone.

    Sacrifice - Sacrifing one of your minions to heal nearby party or raid members for 30% of its total health. Grants 2 necromantic* charge. Costs 30 runic power.

    Iconic spells

    Lich Form (maybe a val'kyr form would be more logical, but I really like lichs) - transforms you into a powerful Lich, increasing healing done and runic power gained by 20%, and you gain 4 new temporary abilites. Last 30 sec. 3 minute cooldown, costs 3 death rune and 100 runic power. It should look like this. Or the val'kyr alternatives: Link1 Link2

    Frost Armor – Creates a thick coat of ice on your ally, granting an absorb shield for xxxxx damage. 5 sec cooldown, 3 death rune.

    Harness Death - A powerful channeled heal, heals the target for xxxxx for 2,5 sec every 0,5 sec. Grants 3
    necromantic* charge when you finished the channel.

    Dark Ritual - A powerful heal that heals the target for xxxxx, 1,5 sec cast, costs 5 necromantic* charge.

    Frost Blast - Hits for a moderate damage xxxx up to 3 targets, costs 40 runic power. 4 second Cooldown.

    Summon Blood Golem – Summons a blood golem expense of your own blood. Only 3 blood golem can be active at the same time. The blood golem fixates on your target and attacking it. When used on allies, it will only follow them until killed or expired. Lasts 20 seconds. Costs 10% of your maximum health and 20 runic power. I cannot find a model that looks like a blood golem, but heres a slightly recolored stone golem.

    Other spells

    Blood Siphon - Drains 2% of your maximum health every 3 seconds and transfers it to the caster, stacks up to 3 times. Also grants one Necromantic* Charge per tick, lasts 21 sec. 1 death rune .

    Corpse Explosion - Cause a corpse to explode and damages all enemies within 10 yards. Usable on all corpses, including your ghouls and blood golems. 10 sec cooldown, costs 3 necrotic charge.

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    yea dude cool... some interesting ideas.

    I would change necrotic grip (death grip) to Grip Death!!11! "Instantly revives a player and returning the killing strike back to the target ten foldt (max 80% of the targets hp, or somethin...)" Imagine that in arena...!

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    Sounds cool, but two anti magic zones that both reduce damage by the same percentage, only being differentiated by what types of damage they prevent? Talk about ability bloat

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    I can tell you put a lot of thought into this and it is indeed a very cool concept (sacrificing your own blood to heal others)

    Its unfortunate that this will likely never get put to use, because its really neat.

    Nice work :-)

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    This is honestly a cool idea, but I have a few issues with it.

    The two different AMZ's are cool but completely unnecessary at this point in the game's life. Just having the one for all types of magic damage will do just fine.

    Plague Strike turning into a HoT spell? Let's try to find a different ability to fill this niche, since it is a bit weird.

    Dark Simulacrum needs to fit somewhere in this kit. It would be a travesty if it was left out.

    Also, the amount of abilities the Death Knight would seem to use just doesn't fit the whole "reducing button bloat" theme of WoD.

    All in all, I am really digging this idea and I hope Blizzard goes with it some time in the future.

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