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Thread: Ticklish feet

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    Ticklish feet

    Are your feet ticklish?

    Why are feet more ticklish than the palm of your hands?

    Do other animals have ticklish feet?

    Is it true that there is/was an evolutionary benefit for having ticklish feet?

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    The Lightbringer Hargalaten's Avatar
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    Rabbits have ticklish feet, I do too. And dogs have ticklish paws too afaik

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    The Lightbringer Hug's Avatar
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    One is ticklish, other has no feeling. Tested my dog, his feet aren't ticklish at all.

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    Most nerves end in the feet, thus they are more sensitive. So, stay away from mine...pretty please.

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    Yeah, very ticklish. I hate getting tickled anywhere. :<
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    Quote Originally Posted by Endtime View Post
    Most nerves end in the feet, thus they are more sensitive. So, stay away from mine...pretty please.
    This. Nerve endings will do it.

    Also, I do believe mine are a bit ticklish, though it's been a while since someone tried. :P
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    Yep, ridiculously ticklish.

    Because hands are so used to touching and grasping things, rather than feet which only touch broadly and aren't used to stuff crawling on/poking them. Despite so, hands can still be relatively ticklish - try stroking the palm of your hand gently, it's a tickly feeling.

    Animals with high functioning nervous systems can be the same, too, except they express it differently than us (rats actually do laugh when tickled though). I wouldn't say animals like insects are ticklish though.

    Yes, there is certainly an evolutionary aspect to being ticklish. In the wild, if your feet were injured, then it'd be a death sentence because you couldn't run away from predators. It's also why we have ticklish bellies and armpits, because those areas tend to be vulnerable in combat and are close to vital organs. So you could say tickling is a defensive mechanism with a playful aspect to it.
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    I have a ticklish everything. Not a single part of my body that isn't very ticklish.
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    Stood in the Fire Riaya's Avatar
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    If I am caught off guard they can bother me and be ticklish. But rarely does my feet being tickle bother me.

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    The Lightbringer Hug's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fargus View Post
    (rats actually do laugh when tickled though).
    Really o_O I'm about to go and tickle my tenants rats if this is true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darenyon View Post
    My feet are very calloused, I walk around barefoot a lot.
    So do I, but I still haven't lost most of my sensitivity (especially between the toes, gah).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whitey View Post
    Really o_O I'm about to go and tickle my tenants rats if this is true.

    I would safely assume that most social animals are ticklish, as tickling is a part of play.

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    Bloodsail Admiral Icebear's Avatar
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    I usually push people away before they can tickle me enough before it gets tickly
    I have to be tickled for about 10 seconds before it has an effect on me, same goes with my feet.

    CAUTION: If you start to tickle me, I'm NOT responsible for your injuries!

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    Aye, I'm ticklish and absolutely hate it when people start to tickle me, so I usually become a bear and swat them away

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    I'm very ticklish all over, so don't blame me if you get hurt. I defend myself

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    You bet I do. I only know one person that is not, and I think that guy doesn't even feel anything anymore.

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    Yep they are definitely ticklish.

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    Old God Grizzly Willy's Avatar
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    My feet aren't ticklish in the slightest. Always frustrates people trying to get a reaction out of me.

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    Titan MerinPally's Avatar
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    Chemistry block.
    Yes I am and it depends who it is who's tickling me as to whether I enjoy it or not.
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    typically no, and people know not to touch me anyways.

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