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    Let's Imagine There'll be a WoW2...

    Let's all pretend for a moment, just for fun, that years from now, in the far future, there's going to be a WoW2. How would it be different? When would it take place? Decades past WoW1 in order to establish new characters, villains, and political climates? How would the zones established in WoW be reintroduced in its sequel (including northrend and outland). How would the factions be set up? Recall that before WoW released, many were hoping the forsaken, blood elves, and naga formed a third faction for example. How would the game encourage exploration of its vast world? What classes do you think would be added, and how do you think they'd improve upon the ones that already exist? Tell me what you think!

    Keep in mind that this is just for fun, so even if you dont think there will ever be a WoW2, dont take it so seriously.

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    Well either it would be three factions as you mention for big scale battles like most games now seems to be going for (GW2, ESO and so). Or it would be more enemy vs azeroth. Meaning all azeroth is one faction and the enemy (like burning legion) would be the other ;P The battlefield would be other planets such as Argus and Outlands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spl4sh3r View Post
    Well either it would be three factions as you mention for big scale battles like most games now seems to be going for (GW2, ESO and so). Or it would be more enemy vs azeroth. Meaning all azeroth is one faction and the enemy (like burning legion) would be the other ;P The battlefield would be other planets such as Argus and Outlands.

    Meh thats what I hate about GW2 despite it being a pretty good mmo. I hate that every faction, nation and race just suddenly decided to erase all the centuries of hatred and xenophobia without a hitch. I like how Azeroth is more honest about the good and bad in people. I do like th idea of three factions though: the alliance, the horde, and the forsaken. I would even say four since the night elves started out as very distant fromthe rest of the alliance lore-wise, but I think that'd be too much. It makes me sad to seperate the forsaken and the blood elves from the horde but it would be interesting to see those two go in their own direction.

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    I definitely think there should be a big timeskip - something to the order of 500-800 years. Plenty of time for most of the player character heroes to die off and clear the slate for a new crop of champions (I know a couple of races are practically immortal but still, a lot can happen in half a millennium). I've written the odd thought or musing about what the political lines of the future might look like and I had a few ideas about what had become of Horde races.

    -Orcs have a new capitol in the Stonetalon region, turning the area into a highly industrialized land. (What became of Orgrimmar? Omnious!)
    -Tauren and goblin have joined the orcs. Horde tauren have mostly abandoned nature worship and embraced industry, some nomad tribes still remain elsewhere.
    -High elves rule a revived Silvermoon, Blood Elves rule a kingdom in the Blasted Lands where the dark portal used to be. Both are hostile towards the Horde.
    -Forsaken live on the Blightmyst Islands (formely Bloodmyst and Azuremyst). They are the enemy of all living things.
    -Trolls have disappeared from the world.

    Really want to see things shaken up. Status quos shattered. If you want to play WoW with shinier graphics, then just upgrade your comp and keep playing WoW. WoW2 should be a significant departure in all ways, including gameplay as much as reasonably possible.

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    Trolls can never be defeated on azeroth! How dare you??? Haha. I would like if it was in the future, but I would much prefer if forsaken and blood elves were still playable, perhaps in their own faction. i like your capacity for change, but the game still needs to retain SOME of what makes warcraft what it is. If not, then why even set it in the same universe? Great ideas though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Golden Yak View Post
    -Trolls have disappeared from the world.
    I really doubt a Troll's extinction, I mean, they have survived old gods, acient gods, the aquirs, 2 buring legion invasions, a sundering, night elves, high elves, and even the scourge.

    They are like cockroaches, everybody tried to kill them but they are still alive without having to evolve

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    I would say, mechanically, it'd have to be a pretty different game.

    Either something like an MMORTS, Where you're given your own avatar, and would command horde troops on the fly to do quests like classic Warcraft.
    Or, something a little less "Lock on and start swinging" and go with something a bit more TERA-like.

    If it was WoW, with updated visuals and a different political climate, I don't think it'd have the same appeal as more modern titles.

    Setting wise, their setting doesn't leave much wiggle room to go backwards, so it'd have to start up well after the events of WoW (wherever that may end) which lets them continue to add new races, cultures and conflicts without risking a retcon or otherwise damaged continuity (which is something WoW kind of has issues with.)

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    Unless it copies all of my progress in WoW I've ever made, I'm not touching it. That'd be the biggest slap in the face imaginable.
    Quote Originally Posted by Imnick View Post
    Mike Morhaine's definitely been using his body to sell copies of WoW.
    Writer and journalist for Adventures In Poor Taste (http://www.adventuresinpoortaste.com/)

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    Make up my own lore? okay

    I'd like to set the game 30,000 years into the future to allow enough events to occur to make the game different enough to be new again.

    Zones that were once grassy plains are now deserts, and forests are now wastelands. New alliances have been formed while others have been broken. Some races struggle while others thrive. Land has been conquered, and capital cities have been relocated. Kings have died, and new war chiefs have been born. Classes have evolved, and others removed, however the playable races would remain mostly the same along with their respective factions.

    The Forsaken continued pushing throughout Lordaeron vanquishing any alliance resistance with a newly developed plague while resurrecting the Alliance soldier's to bolster their ranks. The land the Forsaken had now conquered was growing immensely, pushing as far down to Iron Forge itself. The Alliance realising they had to do something fast to save the dwarves from near extinction went to all out war with the Forsaken, pushing them over the bridge and back into Arathi Highlands.

    The Blood Elves however are not too fond of their world dominating allies and refused to send aid in the Forsaken war almost breaking their alliance. It seems the Blood Elves had their own plans though, rebuilding the city of Silvermoon and restoring the Ghostlands to its former glory. The Blood Elves now share a dominating presence within the Horde due to the re population of the lands.

    The Trolls of Strangelthorn slowly rebuilt over thousands of years by allying with remnants of Naga that survived the onslaught on Azshara. Eventually they mustered enough power to launch a full scale attack on the human kingdom absolutely decimating Stormwind and killing the king in one of the most blood thirsty battles in Azeroth's history. The humans that managed to escape sailed to the Howling Fjords of Northrend to set up and rebuild.

    The Dwarves labour away in their underground mines, now a giant cavern sealed away from the rest of the world. Although the forsaken never breached the gates, the Dwarves still refused to open the doors once the Forsaken forces had left. Recently however, the gates have opened for the first time in almost 30,000 years, with their underground cities and caverns covering almost all of the southern kingdoms. However their return had reason, recently their caverns have been disturbed by a malfunction of titan technology.

    I cant be bothered writing about kalimdor, outlands, pandaria and northrend but you get the point :P never really written lore before either so don't hate on my lack of possible knowledge );

    OOooohhhh and the force for the first expansion.... A bit of everything that has had a growing presence in the last 30,000 years in my opinion, similar to classic WoW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Psychotrip View Post
    Trolls can never be defeated on azeroth! How dare you???
    Quote Originally Posted by fenixazul View Post
    I really doubt a Troll's extinction
    I didn't say they'd been defeated or gone extinct. I said they had disappeared from Azeroth. Where did they disappear to, and why? It's a mystery! Play the game, explore, and uncover it!

    See, we're excited about it already.

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    No trolls dont disappear. thats absurd.

    for classes, i'd imagin they would try a mix and match model, where you choose 1 class and add another class to it.
    so the base classes would be mage, warrior, rogue, warlock, priest, hunter.
    you choose a class, then at level 40 or equivalent, you can choose another class, or specialize further in your class
    priest + warrior = paladin
    hunter + rogue = ranger
    warlock + hunter = dark ranger
    rogue + warlock = demon hunter
    priest + warlock = necromancer
    warrior + rogue = blademaster

    this would let any class choose to do any role without being shoehorned into another roll, like if a rogue wants to tank, it takes a warrior sub spec or whatever.

    i suppose the horde splinters, the alliance breaks apart in some areas, and a few new factions are created. of course the horde exists still, as does the alliance, cos... c'mon!
    horde -> goblin, Orc, Troll (darkspear, amani, drakari, zandalari), Mogu? (ogre would be a more obvious choice... but they're kinda lame imo)
    alliance -> human, dwarf, gnome, vrykul (all titan races)
    Hippies -> Night elves, Tauren, pandas, dryads
    evil people -> naga, blood elves, forsaken, eredar?

    as for worgen, make it a class, maybe a cross between monk and druid or something. would be like the troll primalists in zul gurub

    One problem with multiple factions of course is that players will always want to be on the winning team or the faction their friends are on, so instead of playing a race they like, they'd play something else instead. pretty sure thats why blizzard has been hesitant to add a new faction. then if you were allowed to choose to defect, like i see people constantly suggest, everyone would choose the best faction.
    over all i'm not sure if multiple factions is a good idea, i like it, but i want to play with my mates, and i like trolls and elves.

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    Real time movement/combat. If someone fires an arrow at me I should be able to dodge it. If I run into another player we should collide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kukulcan13 View Post
    No trolls dont disappear. thats absurd.
    You're absurd... call me absurd...

    I like the class system idea, they had something similar in Kingdoms of Amalur which was fun to monkey with. I don't think having 4 factions and 16 races is realistic though if we're talking in purely video game development terms. I'm more than happy to see certain races vanish or be restricted from play. I really think that if your end result is just WoW with better graphics, why bother - graphics will just improve in the original game anyway.

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    If we're going to play a WoW set as far in the future as some of the posts are suggesting -- might as well just make it World of Starcraft.

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