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    It is night time in Azeroth and the leaders of the Horde and Alliance need to take a break from the conflict of the World, Garrosh Hellscream is about to lay to lay to rest but before he does...

    Garrosh: Malkorok read me the story of the Ugly human king.

    Malkorok: Of course Warchief! There was once a Ugly human king named Varian Wrynn he was so ugly everyone hated him and he died.

    Garrosh: Ah and who wrote this masterpiece?

    Malkorok: Harrosh Gellscream wrote this, Sir.

    Garrosh: Ah a masterpiece, atleast its a better love story than Hour of Twilight

    Malkorok: Okay Warchief time for your bed time kiss. You have a big day tomorrow you get to ring the divine bell!

    *Malkorok kisses Garrosh on the fore head and pulls up his blankets.*

    Garrosh: May I have a glass of warm milk.

    Malkorok: No because everytime I bring you one you wet the bed. Now do you want your night light or are you a big boy now?


    Malkorok: Okay then.

    *Malkorok blows out the torch and leaves the room*

    Garrosh: Hey boo are you awake?

    Varian: Now I am.

    Garrosh: You ready for another battle?

    Varian: You mean a crossing of swords?

    Garrosh: Yeah.

    Varian: I'm down FOR THE ALLIANCE!

    Garrosh: LOK *ugh* TAR!

    *Garrosh wakes up to find big stain in his pants*

    Malkorok: You had the big boy dream again didn't you?

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    Wtf did I just read?
    Sexist jokes are;
    A> only funny to sexists, and B> still sexist.
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    ITT: Donald Trump and Pepe Trump troll each other.
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    I thought this was a Jaylock thread when I clicked on it.

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    Rofl, dat account name.

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    This is not really appropriate here. Closing

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