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    [EU] Lf a very knowledgeable Destro lock

    Hi there.

    I've been posting replies to as many affliction related threads as I could find both on here and wow-europe, in order to help people understand how Affliction works and how to minmax within that spec. :-) Now I find myself in need of similar help, when it comes to destruction. I think I've got the basics down, but I need help getting from mediocre to very good. I know I am supposed to do all the research and try / fail, but I also know that there is a fair amount of ranking destruction warlocks on these forums.

    If you've got some spare time, and are willing to help, that'd be lovely. I'm on EU.
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    Ranking=> DPS => choose the fight's difficulty and guilds' size ( 25 heroic the better)

    then choose your spec, after that, click on Zumzum by default


    Damage done, log browser, click remove for the default query, add query, Source Zûmzum, Save and Run.

    That's the basic when you need some IG information and now you can see how this tool can be used, not only with my simple description.

    GL and HF.
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    Hehe, yeah, I've been seeing a lot of his logs - it's amazing. It's well and fine, I believe I got the basic rotation down as well as what the logs will be able to tell me. What I don't have now, is the mindset behind that damage.

    Thanks for the tip btw.
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