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    Free for all battlegrounds, unmounting hook to dismount flying players, Dota Bg, homestead is my guess

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawkyy View Post
    LOL good for him. Some people are dumb enough to have pictures of themselves doing shit like that, would be funny to see it posted on the home page of MMO-Champ

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    New char models?
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    You have a tiny brain. There's you're insult.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lei Shi View Post
    Doubt that, but I like the feature. Keeping farm raids viable, especially for tanks and healers who usually have less people to fight for gear is a great idea.

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    An Housing system. Player's own house! durrr...But still I hope so..
    Cross-realm related thing is plausible.. Maybe something like cross-realm heirloom or bank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grocalis View Post
    Cross-Faction Grouping, you heard it here first.
    I could dig that. Maybe cross faction guilds too.

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    Would be amusing if this was some clever way to find out what features people want by reading the guesses/hype xD

    My guess is the "mentor system" which someone mentioned earlier in the thread (letting players temporarily reduce their level to play with lower level friends). It's in line with the previous features (letting people play together in more ways) and they've been using the gear scaling mechanic more and more this expansion (Challenge Modes, Item Upgrades, even the PTR testing buff). I vaguely remember them mentioning in the past that it's something they'd like to add.
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    Hopefully it's not simply the thunderforged items that was just announced.......having random chance of gears being higher ilvl, and giving 25 man raids more chance of having it drop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DontPanick View Post
    15 man raiding to replace 10's and 25's.
    That would be a real change.

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    Very doubtful he meant the 10/25 loot change.

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    Assuming, that Wow is turning into World of Daliygankcraft, I can expect something like Looking for Daily feature, that will allow you to aftomatically find a group for doing dailies toghether. May be even crossrealm group.
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    If it's just trispec I will be so disappointed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grocalis View Post
    Cross-Faction Grouping, you heard it here first.
    I wouldn't be surprised.

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    I have no idea tbh. Can it be new playermodels? D:

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    I think it was just announced....
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    No 10 and 25 change and no Cross faction anything PLEASE!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CheeseSandwich View Post
    Thats not it.
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