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    I actually had an idea for a replacement system.

    Basically, instead of having a series of talents, players will gain access to Talent Runes as they level. Talent Runes can be bought from your class trainer as you level, and can be equipped similarly to glyphs. Under this new system, the line between specs will be blurred somewhat as previous spec-exclusive abilities become class-wide, e.g. Prot paladins will be able to use Divine Storm, etc.

    Of course, there will be some abilities that will remain spec-exclusive, such as Templar's Verdict or Raging Blow, and not all abilities would require Talent Runes; all death knights would have access to Icy Touch and Plague Strike for instance. Let's not forget passive abilities, either. *cough Divine Purpose being baseline for Retribution cough*

    Speaking of glyphs, this new system could open up a ton of new glyph possibilities. The idea that I had was that each ability could have a minor glyph and a major glyph attached to it, so if a hunter decided to pick up Explosive Shot, he could in theory get a major glyph that adds an additional tick and a minor glyph that changed the animation, or he could pick up a major glyph that caused it to only hit once, but also inflict AoE damage.

    ... Hey, it's an idea. Shut up.
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    My hope is for something entirely new. Path of the Titans, or some other new form of character improvement. Then in xpack 6 we get more glyph slots, and xpac 7 gives us a seventh talent row.

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    I don't really see the point of glyphs beyond cosmetic changes, personally. If anything the functionality differences can be rolled into the talent system.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brightamethyst View Post
    Yeah. There's just no incentive to rolling a pure dps.

    Unless of course you're one of those weirdos who plays classes you actually enjoy instead of going for MAX DAMAGE. But who would ever be that crazy?

    People who dont like to be sunwelled.
    People who like having the option to do something else beside DPS for a change if they get bored
    People who dont like queues that last longer than a TV show.
    Being able to switch to a healer in BGs to actually help your team win

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