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    Fun class for PvP?

    What's a fun class for PvP, just a fun class or in either damage or healing rolls which ever spec. Thank you and if you could reply in the comments why would be awesome as well, thanks.

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    Arena, BG's, World PvP???

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    for absolute fun I recommend enh shaman, the heals got curb stomped in 5.1 and the survivability is meh sometimes but i always have a smile on my face when i pop ascendance and just wreck some dude with stormstrike The rotation is simple and fluid like butta, just go ham.

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    Windwalker monk, even if its a bit of an underdog they have high mobility and the damage is not to terrible along with not being an easy class to play to a good level.

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    Gonna have to say ele shaman. While not that great, they aren't under whelming either. They are middle ground and heaps of fun. Thunder storming people off a cliff never gets old. The burst is deadly when you have a full stack of lightning charges ready and a lava surge proc. Yes its rng but it does proc and sometimes when you really need it. I havnt been playing much but I love it already.

    Only downside, Imo, their survivability is poop.
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