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    Lightbulb My Suggestions to Improve WoW ...

    Personally these are some of the things I'd like to see happen based on my own experience ...

    * Make the area around the Dark Portal a sanctuary like the area you zone into when you go through the Dark Portal, I'm so fed up with going through the portal in Stormwind to get to the Dark Portal just to get past the loading screen and see i'm half dead, stunned and got no chance, this isn't fun or fair, they get no Honor points for the kill, ganking is fine, but while someone is on a loading screen?! You then have to keep ressing and being killed, each time edging closer to the portal until you get through. ridiculous.

    * It's annoying when you have alts and have to grind rep repeatedly, why not make tabards account bound (add a tab on the same ui as with mounts and companions) and when you hit exalted with a faction and get there Tabard you can equip it on an alt and get their rep via Dungeons (like in Cata) or Dallies, this could also be a better way of giving the extra 50% rep bonus that the commendations give for doing dallies on alts? It would also save bank/void space and make the game more alt friendly. It could also be a nice way to see what tabards you are missing if the ones you haven't got are shown buy greyed out (like the pets)

    * Add a tab along with Pets/Companions (and ideally tabards!) to show Heirloom gear, that would make it account bound, save having to keep posting it around and show you what other bits you could get, I have lots of alts and I've lost track of which character has which bits and what I am or aren't missing for future characters.

    * Either make flight paths more direct or do away with them and replace them with portals (like GW2 / Rift etc) no one wants to sit there unable to do anything while their character is sat on a mount flying all over the palce trying to get from A to B. I know it's designed to slow people down and make things take longer but it's just silly.

    * Add 'Orders' to the Auction House so you can state what you need and what you're willing to pay and people can farm it/make it for you. ie: If you needed 500 Frostweave cloth but don't have time to farm it and the stuff on the AH is too expensive/not enough of it you could put an order in and people can farm it for you while you are doing other stuff/offline.

    * OPTIONAL viewing of the trade chat from anywhere. Blizz want people out and about in the world, then address the reasons people stay in Cities, Trade chat, AH and Bank, I agree AH and Bank should stay in the cities but why not make the trade chat viewable from anywhere so people can get into raids/set raids up, sell stuff etc without staying in a City? Just make it toggleable so we can turn it off outside of cities but that it automatically comes back on when you enter a city.

    *Why does gear in your bag count towards your ilvl? I mean if I was a DK, I could keep Cloth/Leather/Mail and Plate gear in my bag no matter how inappropriate it is for my class and use it to push my ilvl up to get into LFR etc, it causes people to Ninja trinkets.rings, cloaks and Necklaces in Dungeons as anyone of any spec can need on these items. Cloth characters are at a disadvantage as because they can't equip leather/mail/plate it doesn't count even if they win it on a greed roll/questing loot. Make it so it only looks at your equiped ilvl and find a way to stop people changing gear to manipulate the system, make it more fair.

    Ok thats my ideas, I know not everyone will agree but over the years of Playing WoW these are the things that stand out that I'd personally like to see done
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    1. Use flying mount.
    4. Use flying mount.
    7. Why not? What if I want to RP while waitng in queue? You know RP gear usually gray/white/green with ilvl below 100? Let me guess I should NOT be able to queue in LFR/LFD? Right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Serissa View Post
    1. Use flying mount.
    4. Use flying mount.
    7. Why not? What if I want to RP while waitng in queue? You know RP gear usually gray/white/green with ilvl below 100? Let me guess I should NOT be able to queue in LFR/LFD? Right?
    chill out, no one said you can't queue for LFR, all I said was basically it's stupid that a Death Knight for example could queue for LFR and cloth spirit gloves that he would never use for combat but he has in his bag push his ilvl up, how about if only plate gear counted for plate characters, only mail counted for mail characters etc, yes you'd still get Hunters having intellect mail in their bags, or Warriors with intellect Plate in their bags, but it would greatly reduce the loop hole, I'm sure there would be a solution so you could queue while RP'ing and using low lvl or grey/white gear.

    oh and

    1. Shouldn't have to
    4. shouldn't have to
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elementalkin View Post
    2. Last I checked, the tabard tab was not yet doable due to technical limitations.
    I'm wondering why the tabard tab still isn't implemented. I didn't want to make a new thread, so here goes: anyone around to shine light on the matter?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisLisi1982 View Post
    Make it so it only looks at your equiped ilvl and find a way to stop people changing gear to manipulate the system, make it more fair.
    Totally understand where this is coming from, however there's practically no way it could be implemented without putting players at a disadvantage. Maybe you want to switch gear for a different role, different stat values per spec or simply because you prefer a certain trinket for a certain fight. Binding you to the gear you queue with essentially limits the player too much, thus switching is allowed, thus the highest item level you own per slot is considered. I agree it's not the best system and it probably gets worse with every single day into the content, but I don't see any good suggestion on how to solve that issue without limiting the player's valid options more than necessary.

    On your other points, at least some of them, you'd have better done some research as Blizzard has already talked about solutions to these problems for WoD, like heirlooms and fun items being added as an account-wide tab, or has already dismissed things like account-wide reputation since you're supposed to play every toon as a separate character and not just a representation of your account.
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    1. I would say that is your own fault for being on a PvP server. PvP is for bored kids. Do yourself a favor and move to a PvE realm. You will be much happier.

    2. All Tabards should be BoA. This would show some alt love and improve the grinding aspect. If I can share my Loremaster title and colors with all my alts, I should be able to share my other tabards. Or maybe they should just make tokens for every faction to increase all rep gained like they did for Pandaren groups.

    3. Seems to be a tricky task. But, since we are getting a toybox soon, I would imagine BoA gear is not far behind. Also, there is an addon which lets you search the inventory of each alt at the same time. Makes it easy to find out who has what.

    4. FPs have been improved over the years. If you have to use one, just go AFK, take a piss, make a sammich, or take the dog out real quick and come back. This really isn't a huge inconvenience. This is kinda why we have flying mounts in Azeroth. It is a perk for lvl 60, not lvl 20.

    5. I don't agree with Orders. I think it would either plummet the idea of supply and demand for all, or drastically reduce the value in the AH when someone else will pay more for an order. No need to add to or mess with this system.

    6. They had a Global channel. 3 guesses as to why it was removed

    7. Technically it is on your person, even if only in your bags. It was a help mechanic for people who wanted to run with friends but were just too low in ilvl. Easier to grab a piece of gear with horrible/not useful stats and leave it in the bag than to wear it and ruin your DMG/DPS.

    I've been playing since TBC. I've seen the changes, 95% of them have been for the better. Unfortunately, most of what is on your list has been mentioned many times in the past, yet not come to fruition. But, if you believe in it enough, and keep asking and hoping, you just might be surprised in a future patch. I know I jumped for joy when they finally heard my prayers as a hunter back then. No more Ammo and I finally got my 5th bag slot usable for something other than an ammo pouch.

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    If you want to view trade chat anywhere, then Download the Addon TradeWind Forwarder and your problem is solved...you cant reply to people but you can see everything...

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