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    Far Cry 3

    Can anyone tell me what kind of FPS can I expect to run this game with on my Pc at ultra? would it be possible to get atleast 40 or so with my setup at such settings if not what would help to turn down or off? I just bought it off steam and its downloading but im reading its very demanding?
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    Try It wont tell you an fps, but it will tell you if you can run it on max.
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    They are redoing every single spec in the entire games talent trees, PVP trees, Build 36 weapon talent trees and Balance it with specs and make sure it's fun. Tiered CM tuning, 4 raid modes and flex tuning for 17 bosses, a large world with MORE to do similar to mop, PVP honor system rework, Profession overhaul. They have WAY more to do under their belt then just build continent terrain. It's going to take a long time when you consider what actually has to be done.

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    Probably 50-60 at least, thats a powerful gaming rig!

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