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    How to set up a Weakaura for Killing Blow in PvP!

    Hey all,

    I wanted to add a fun visual/vocal aura for when you land a killing blow in PvP. I see the trigger options to show the aura in a Battleground, as well as the Trigger options: Event>Combat Log>Unit Died>Target. However, I'm guessing this would simply load the aura when a target died by any means, as opposed as to when you land a Killing Blow.

    I know there are a few addons which do this same thing, so is there a Combat log event or whatnot which shows when you land a Killing Blow?

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    You want to listen for the PARTY_KILL combat log event. When the sourceGUID parameter is equal to UnitGUID("player") you killed something.

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    Okay, so for the trigger to apply correctly I'd set:

    Event>Combat Log>Party Kill>Source Unit:Player


    Do I need to set the destination unit to: Target, or does it matter?

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    Depends - do you only want it when you kill your current target, or when you kill anyone (dots getting kills etc.)
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