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    Balance Challenge Modes

    So I'm looking to get into challenge modes and I've noticed one very annoying fact. Haste breakpoints get super screwed up. That's my main reason for making this topic. I want to know what you guys think, should I go for pure crit/hit cap and ignore haste, and use mastery when I have to?

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    Hmmm... I haven`t seen any problem with gems/reforges when I`ve earned gold. Our dps is really on par with any other DPSes. I would say don`t worry, just learn what is happening in each instance and use your CDs wisely. Try to be always one cast towards any eclipse, before every encounter. Consider using Innervate, Barkskin etc. almost every CD. That is all... I suppose.

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    It depends alot on your setup, but if you are going for safe pulls where you are constantly multidotting say 3 mobs, haste cap should be better.
    However, it won't matter that much overall, just make sure to not drop too low on haste while maintaining high crit i suppose.

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