View Poll Results: Which class would you ban from PVP?

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  • warrior

    94 16.97%
  • paladin

    27 4.87%
  • hunter

    35 6.32%
  • rogue

    91 16.43%
  • priest

    11 1.99%
  • shaman

    6 1.08%
  • mage

    174 31.41%
  • warlock

    15 2.71%
  • monk

    25 4.51%
  • druid

    32 5.78%
  • death knight

    44 7.94%
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    You can ban 1 Class from PVP...

    ...which one would you ban? You would never have to deal with them again in pvp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Makamoka View Post
    You not gamer, you go play your boring "Real life" with crappy graphics'n stuff! You cant even do Quests, dungeons and BGs in "IRL" :s
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    rogues. me and my guildies were just talking about how much more fun pvp was while rogues were bad..being stunned for most of your health pool isnt very fun.
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    Pandaren Monk OneSent's Avatar
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    Frost mages.

    Just frost.

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    Hard to choose. Mage or Druid... I'll go with druid.

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    Kind of a loaded question, but I think rogues are one of those classes that are hard to balance, in the sense that either they are extremely strong or extremely weak. I don't have enough experience to back this feeling up however.

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    Frost mages. Kill them dead.

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    Rouges. 100%.
    Nothing to do with subjective balance. I just really dont like the mechanic and play-style behind the class in PVP. i find it to be a very wonky match up against any class.
    Ferals are pretty bad to, but not to the same extent.

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    Frost mages, one million percent :P

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    Monks, The game just did not need another class...
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    I am Murloc! Balduvian's Avatar
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    Is there an option to just nerf Mages and Warriors to a 'balanced' level? For once?

    Would be awesome. No bans needed really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Balduvian View Post
    Is there an option to just nerf Mages and Warriors to a 'balanced' level? For once?

    Would be awesome. No bans needed really.
    Warriors were already nerfed. Mages are...........never nerfed.

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    The Lightbringer
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    I think it would be a great counter to fotm re-rollers to allow your arena team to ban one class spec you don't want to face as the opposing team. Would have seen less invincible BM hunters, arms warriors, and resto shamans the first month of MoP.

    On topic I would have to say monks. This game is old enough to ask players to learn how to play against a completely new class yet again, nevermind the consistent change in talents, spells and mechanics every expansion for the remaining 10 classes.

    If I couldn't choose monks I would probably choose warriors. Not because I particularly dislike warriors, but their design in general have always been quite floppy. Either they are this unstoppable juggernaught that are able to tank wayyy to much damage, with incredible mobility and able to deal humongous damage when they connect (and they will connect), especially since previously damage taken=rage, and if not warriors were just dealing too low damage, too easy to kite, and easily killed in a stun.

    Since season 7-8 I've always felt that DKs seem more natural and well-round designed in PvP despite being a much younger class than warriors.

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    Warriors can fuck off.

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    Paladins. Every PvP experience ive had, its been Paladins that have literally steamrolled through me. Rogues are easier to deal with >>
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    Rogue. It's always Rogue.
    resto shaman <- washed up idiot

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    in preparation for next patch - rogue

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    Frost mages, and I bet I'm not alone here.
    It ain’t wise to poke a warrior so much, sonny. We just might poke ya back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmacphee9 View Post
    rogues. me and my guildies were just talking about how much more fun pvp was while rogues were bad..being stunned for most of your health pool isnt very fun.
    Warriors were making up for the lack of rogue stun locks.

    I was gonna go with mages but then I realized that monks are very likely going to go live in their 5.2 PTR state according to the bs GC has been spewing on twitter.
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    Priests. I hate priests, with their instant fear, their shield, and their dispel of divine protection. I can't stand priests.

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