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    An "ode" to the Dreaming Glory

    There's been a little thing on my mind lately and I really want to share it with you guys here tonight. Just want to say that I am no poet or anything, and this comes directly from my heart.

    Dreaming of Glory on the top of a mountain, shining like the ladies in Stormwind, by the fountain. O`flower, so bright and so full of ambitions, it's a wonder how you have, to no demon, raised suspicion. Your hopes, your dreams, your glory and your power. To think this all can be stored within a mere flower. But wanting to know what ambitions you have, what you truly can become instead of being crushed into salve. I will ask you, dear flower, if you want to get picked by a knight, to be placed in his wife's golden hair, a woman who survived the blight.
    Maybe being the flower of a wedding so romantic and nice, making the maidens jealous as the groom comes to claim his prize? Imagining you being radiant under the pale moon, makes me long for the peaceful times that ended too soon. I will pick you, my dear flower, let's both shine with might and glory, we must live on to tell our prideful story. On the top of each mountain in Outland you stand, may vile beings never be able to touch you with their hand.

    My love for the Dreaming Glory is far beyond this, thinking of the flower makes my heart race in pure bliss. While I cannot truly express my feelings well enough through this place, then I at least hope you are satisfied with this thread that earlier was caught by your gaze.(Heh, the last sentences rhymed as well.)

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    Oh, all pictures's credit goes of course to Blizzard.
    Love without pain isn't really romance.

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    Beautiful! Do you do requests?

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