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    [Non-Guardian]Growl now require Bear Form

    Hey guys!
    So... I was browsing through the data-mined stuff on the main page and saw that growl is being converted to the old model of going into bear form and taunt instead of the new and awesome model that growling puts you in bear form.

    Although this is not a issue to all the guardians up there, its a really nice QoL to all the non-guardians that *might* need to save some tight situation.

    I recall some nice saves I did back then when we were fighting Stone Guards or beating a enrage timer on Protectors of the Endless by simply growl and dash away from the tank, gaining several seconds to the enrage timer instagib tank mechanics, I could do that in 2 GCD and now it requires 3...

    Now people say "oh! you are whining about ONE more GCD!? /LOL" the thing is... when MoP was launched I was really happy with the hybrid feeling druids were getting, and the more loose sense about shapeshifting and all that, but seems that this days blizzard is chaining us back to the old model and I wonder where does it come from.

    In the light of this change, I must ask, Where does it come from? why the need for this? PVP? can't be... growl or casting bear form does not make a difference since you can't taunt a player so what is the point of going there?
    PVE? Its a really a issue for Guardians that should be in bear form 90% of the time to be forced to apply bear form before taunting? (even that cat damage is nerfed to the ground and tankswaps are not that long that vengeance will drop low enough to actually be useful to go catform, loose the initial rage that you need before tanking and lose the T&C procs to help out the other tank)
    Is it really groundbreaking for non guardians to have instant bear form while growling? and how many times does a non-guardian really use it so that it makes a groundbreaking difference? not even with HotW I think... but i might be wrong...

    Anyone has any opinion on this thing? or any insight that might explain the change?

    Best regards!

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    Accually, in PvP this was used to be able to go into bearform while silenced or when in GCD.

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    no, it was used to macro with fearie fire to put you into bearform for the silence, jesus are you guys that illiterate on the feral specc?

    Don't flame. Infracted.
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    afflocks that cry about balance in pvp make me sad.

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    Im sorry... the only PVP I do (and i bet it shows in the 1st post) is look at players bursting my Hp and try to shadowmeld>flight form before they make my Hp bar reach zero... else just respawn and fly away... so I didn't knew that... thanks for the explanation... guess I'm going to have to lose something very useful in PVE thanks to those PVP shenanigans...

    Thanks again for the explanation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kliker View Post
    guess I'm going to have to lose something very useful in PVE thanks to those PVP shenanigans...

    Im confused...if you spend an extra GCD or two to taunt a boss in bear form now it gives the group a couple more seconds still, is the loss of two GCD's going to make the difference in the kill?

    I understand the PVP "nerf", but I am not convinced that makes a "real" difference in PvE.

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    Quality of Life change for PVE - it makes it a bit more cumbersome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kadde111 View Post
    Accually, in PvP this was used to be able to go into bearform while silenced or when in GCD.
    GCD possibly, but certainly not because of silence. You cannot silence shifting.

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    As stated above, this is mainly a pvp nerf, growl was used to prevent being sheeped in no GCD.

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