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    Best way to pvp on a druid?

    I am brand new to pvp'ing on a druid.. And I was curious what the best spec would be.

    I have an idea, but I was curious to see other peoples input!

    Thank in advance!

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    All specs are good right now if your know how to play it. To be honest We cant tell you what to play its something you have to like, but if it was me ild go with Feral, very strong and most fun spec of all 4.
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    I would go feral personally but I've been playing feral since I started playing years ago so I'm biased. Check out the other thread on here with a lot of balance vs feral arguments to help decide.
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    Impossible question for others to answer, It totally depends on your play style, I started early TBC and have played feral from the start and love it, alot Just recently I've started played Resto and love that too, Both are immensely fun, Never tried balance but i know some insane Boomkins, so they're all doing good, just pick what you like

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    guardian druids aint bad for fc either

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    Yeah if you want to do Arenas definitely go Feral or Resto (if you want to play healer) but if you wanted to play rated bgs go either Guardian / Resto or Balance. For regular BGs, Balance is probably the easiest to play.
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    They're all good, as others have said, it's just about what role you'd want to play. I'd personally only choose Balance for RBGs (DoT cleave teams like them), but to each their own. I play resto simply because I feel like I can have the most impact in random BGs healing and I'm too lazy to get a different set of gear for Arena.
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