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    Minority Report computer controls on the cheap!

    So, at CES there was a device that I had seen a few weeks before that was absolutely incredible. This thing actually looks to be a real game changer due to the incredibly low cost and amazing accuracy and speed it operates at. I am preordering one. What do you guys think?


    For $70, even if it is just a glorified Kinect, it is worth the money in my opinion(but it looks lightyears ahead of Kinect).

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    Preorder's been up for a year almost, and there are still no real world demos available in youtube or anywhere else of how it would work with daily stuff such as browsing the web or playing WoW.

    At that price it looks like fun toy, but there's very high chance it will never be more than a fun toy.
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    Dunno... i have mouse and it works well. Your hand will get tired very fast if u gonna play with toy like that.

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    I had enough of motion control

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    it strikes me as an amazing solution for kiosks and windows 8/gnome3 based multi screen workstation terminals,

    i could also see it easily replacing 3d mice for cad work, but it's not anything more than a novelty for gaming

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    I've never seen the use of it. It looks cool, but it does barely anything more than a mouse does, while causing considerable fatigue in your arms after an hour or two.

    You'd still have to type anything that aren't personal notes on a keyboard, so others can easily read it. And you couldn't control 99% of all current games with it properly. I'd rather wait for proper speech recognition than better motion control.

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    Hmm interesting. Is it for mac only though?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyanotical View Post
    it strikes me as an amazing solution for kiosks and windows 8/gnome3 based multi screen workstation terminals,

    i could also see it easily replacing 3d mice for cad work, but it's not anything more than a novelty for gaming

    I personally despise most/all of this type of stuff and am extremely happy with my mouse and keyboard, anyways.

    Also, of course they would use the Apple iMac. It makes people think this is more or less an Apple product and its sales are probably going to be through the roof.

    To be fair though, for $70, I actually feel like it's a seriously good deal for what it obviously is/can do.
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    It supports Windows 7 and later, and OS X out of the box. They say they are planning on adding support for Linux and ARM processors shortly as well. This is the first interface that I have seen that actually looks revolutionary compared to a mouse and keyboard. I can imagine creating 3D models using this and a keyboard. The accuracy and refresh rate of it is just insane. 1/100th of a millimeter @ up to 290Hz. There are a ton of live demos if you google them. I found seven or eight on youtube just linking from the original manufacturer teaser trailer. $70 is also a steal for this. I paid more for my mouse, and my mouse cannot scan objects in 3D in real time... This is just hard to believe how good it actually is. I would not believe it if I hadn't seen any of the live demos for myself. I have pre-ordered a few of them already.

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    Looks very very good.
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