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    Fastest way to obtain IP?

    Hey there everyone, I actually asked this like a month or two ago and got directed to a wiki page or something with great information on how leveling works. It's not updated with the new ARAM mode yet though and just curious if 5v5 pvp games are still the most efficient method for obtaining IP verses the new ARAM mode?

    I'm making a new ARAM account and want to purchase some IP-boosts (# of win boosts). Or should I just do 5v5 summoner rift bot games until lvl 10 and drag them out as long as possible? Thankyou!

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    If you want fast IP get the boost.

    I don't remember how much of IP you get for a SR win, with no IP boosts of course, but ARAM gives you between 40 IP to 60 IP depending on how long the game has last, I think lost games give about 20 IP to 40 IP but I don't remember.

    I think Domi is a good way to get fast IP too since most games are usually pretty fast but I also don't remember how much IP you get for a win/lose.
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    actually since the ARAM patch, ARAM wins give ~80-100 IP and losses 40-60 IP (which i think is about the same as normal sr games now). It's probably the fastest way to get IP atm.

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    To correct my above post, most games(win or lose it seems) usually give you between 40 IP to 60 IP when they don't last that long.

    Most of my games usually give me only 50~ IP, including lost games, so yeah, it's probably related to game length since those don't last more than 30 mins. I got a 91 IP for a win on a game but I don't know how long it took, probably around 40 minutes, so I guess the longer a game takes the more IP you get it seems, especially if you win.

    But I think SR games that last 40 minutes give more than 90 IP, no? I don't remember to be honest, though 40 minutes on aram are pretty rare so getting 90 IP to 100 IP in there is pretty, well, kinda of hard I guess.
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    Just play the game and you'll get IP automatically.

    Amazing, innit?

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