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    Warlock 5.2 PTR: PvP :S

    got a chance to play around a little, we're in a lot of trouble.

    i suggest those who care about this go to the PTR official forums and make some noise.. theres a few threads already started there. might not be too late to get the word out before a painful season.

    just saying.

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    The devs aren't stupid.

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    Can we get some reasoning rather than just telling us all to go cry on the forums?

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    So what is broken in particular?
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    I only saw a few minutes of it but it looked slicker than a lubed up olympic swimmer fleeing from a shark.

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    Can we get some reasoning rather than just telling us all to go cry on the forums?
    i didnt figure getting to the official forums was as much work as you seem to be hinting at, so i'll help you with that.

    first you should try and get on and test yourself.. not sit back and say 'tell me whats whats wrong'.. it's pretty weak.

    anyways, note that i don't agree with everything said in http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/to...0222079?page=1 and the other threads but the general overview of what their saying i do agree with, now by experience.

    as much as i hate b.fear it was a necessary bi-product of what 5.1 is. the removal of which with no compensation really defensively, means we have little to no escape from melee cleaves who just run us out of cds and kill us during down time. getting casts off is a major concern on PTR, juking is much less rewarding that has been in previous xpacs and this evident even with the removal of blankets [most notably warr pummel ofc]. damage and pressure at the expense of resources most people rightly feel is too high for the return.

    to be honest, most of our problems revolve around damage.. nadagastt and a few others pretty accurately sums up alot of it in http://www.arenajunkies.com/topic/23...rlock-changes/ [this is mostly a topic about affliction pvp in 5.2, likely the go to spec]

    I'm still at work atm so to cut corners; below is a well worded post from that thread that summarizes a lot of the frustration from the testers:

    "1. Demo: now that we have no possible tanking we need to be able to go DA to meta without losing all our fury. If warriors can sit in defensive and wreck people being able to swap without massive penalty is plenty okay. That way a push can force a lock defensive the way you USED to be able to push a warrior to def, cat to bear, etc. The other part is after the CW nerfs (which were bad due to 1.x% rng gibs) demo does need more damage. The best way is to make CW always/never crit but scale its damage on haste/crit which are NOT on the darksoul thus no massive chaosbolt style inflations.

    2. Destro: has some theoretical burst but just can't use it and pecking away with fel flame and conflag is not even cata levels of damage/pressure. Desperately needs more damage not tied into CB (or make gosac not inflate CB just grant more embers) but let us have non gosac chaosbolt go instant at 3x stacks of backdraft (which is dispellable). A non gosac chaosbolt isn't any stronger than FFB, icelance, pyro, etc.

    3. Aff has 100% of cc and damage tied up in shadow. It has to channel for any pressure and has no reliable self healing outside of a CD. Sure getting dots up is easier than ever but it also is next to meaningless outside of darksoul + haunt. Drain life for aff isn't even HP positive after mortal strike, its mana cost, and global healing reductions plus you still can't cast it. MG is never allowed for more than about 2x ticks so really you don't have much of an option. Since interupts have no DR ever its effectively a silence that never DR's. Aff needs shards for UA and haunt dispels, DL mana free and uninteruptable, MG castable while shadow is locked, and pvp power scaling dots more than direct damage. Even if we get the pvp power thing from a glyph that nerfs darksoul..."

    if you cant play on the server or read the notes and formulate a prognosis yourself, you should still go to the forums and read what the testers are saying.

    cause why not?
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    The devs aren't stupid.

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    I think a big problem with buffing/nerfing each spec is PvE. Aff is already the better spec 90% of the time. If you were to buff the damage to make it better in PvP then you would force people to want to raid as Aff even more. Too easily dispelled and a lack of burst without channeling the entire duration of a fight. Destro is already very bursty. I can't imagine that they would let us have one or two more instant cast bursts just to offset all the casting you do. Demo is the only spec I see that could be buffed and not be OP. CW being nerfed to the ground was horrible(even tho it was OP). They could have reduced dmg in a smaller increment. And make DA actually usable outside of looking cool in a major city by allowing us to keep the fury we earn when we switch. Even a minor increase in fury cost so that it would be used like a cool down would work. Just as stated above Warr can go in and out of stance, Ferals can go in and out of Cat/Bear, SPriest can go in and out of Shadow, etc and it doesn't hurt them like it hurts us. We lose all of our ability to burst when we are getting pummeled need it most.
    And BF is never going to be usable again. I think it is a little OP as is but def not as much as most nonLock classes make it out to be. I think the bad thing about BF is locks were using it offensively a lot of the time. They'll probably end up killing that talent instead of buffing the other two.

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