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    WoL Sha of Fear Heroic "other" Damage

    I've been looking at the top parses on WoL to improve my performance on Sha of Fear and each players top damage is listed as "other". Does anyone know what this is? I notice in my own logs that other is not doing near the amount of damage that other hunters are doing. Thanks!

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    You aren't talking about the condensing of abilities that WoL does, are you?

    For example WoL might do the following:

    Ability 1: 25% of damage
    Ability 2: 25% of damage
    Ability 3: 15% of damage
    Ability 4-10: 5% of damage

    Might read like this, on WoL:

    Other: 35%
    Ability 1: 25% of damage
    Ability 2: 25% of damage
    Ability 3: 15% of damage

    So like... if you click on them, in this case, you won't see "Other" anymore, you'll see the actual abilities that it consists of.

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    Wow, that makes sense. Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmcadidas15 View Post
    Wow, that makes sense. Thank you!
    it's a limitation of the WoL mouseover info. because they can't possibly put down 20 different damage sources, instead they show the 4 attacks with the highest % dmg done, and condense the rest into a category labeled "other".

    this is an issue for those classes that have a large number of smaller damage sources, because as shown above, it's not accurate at all.
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