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    Do you like the skin of the potato?

    I like it, tastes good.

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    Raw or somehow prepared? Roasted, it's really good, plain or rubbed in barbeque oil. Raw, eh, it's passable.
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    My mind went to the wrong place when I first read that question...
    I see myself either in jail or working at Olive Garden.
    Either way, endless salads getting tossed.
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    You are a legend thats why.

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    if cooked then its not so bad

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    Nobody eats thhe skin of potatoes around here.

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    OT yeah I like, without it potato tastes kinda just bland.

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    I like to ask the potatoes if they're "about a size 14" before I peel them. Some people get it and laugh, the rest just think I'm odd.
    I see myself either in jail or working at Olive Garden.
    Either way, endless salads getting tossed.
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    You are a legend thats why.

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    Cooked 'tater skins are AWESOME!

    My one friend actually passed me all her peels when making Mashed Potatoes - she was going to throw them out and I said "are you KIDDING!?".

    I took the skins, lightly oiled them up with EVOO (extra virgin Olive Oil), threw some steak seasoning on them and lightly baked them in the oven. A sprinkle of shredded cheddar and a side of Sour Cream w/chives later - they agreed later that the skins were a better dish than the Mashed Potatoes. :P
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    Yes, they have more vitamins and stuff in them. Plus they taste damn good.

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    I'm not a fan of the skin when it's in mashed potatoes, but for baked potatoes, or home made chips/fries? Yeah, sure.

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    Baked potato in the oven with olive oil, salt and pepper rubbed on it is delicious, you can eat the whole thing.

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    Yeah I cba peel the skin if I know it's just fine to eat it as well.

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    We talkin Red or Russet?

    Red > Russet

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    I don't like it skin in my mash potatoes but then again I am fast losing my liking of mash potatoes. Just feel like they taste so bland

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    It tastes good? I never noticed it even had a taste.

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    Yeah, I always eat the skin when I have a baked potato, and when I eat fries, the ones with some skin still on them are usually the best.
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    But I do like these:

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    Mmm...potato skins (home-made of course, not some terrible chips from a store) are awesome. Funny thing is that is the only way I eat potatoes, I can't stand the texture of a potato otherwise (anything that has the texture of sand I cannot eat).
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    I don't mind it but I rather have it peeled off.

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    when cooked right the skin is the best bit!!!
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