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    So im going sky diving for my first time on saturday. I feel like a complete moron for signing up but whatever. Im goin with my buddy whos big dream is to be a green beret. I told him id go with him if he paid for half of my fee. So i figured what the hell. The thing is im fuckin terrified of heights. But im kinda lookin forward to feeling the fear and jumping anyways. I cant imagine how scared im gonna get... Cant wait!!

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    Good luck. Unless there's a million dollars on the line that's something I will never do.

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    It's fun and it will help you get over your fear of heights, keep breathing and enjoy yourself!

    Dont forget to keep breathing, seriously you get so worked up you forget to breath.
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    You, sir, are fuckign crazy for jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.

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    Pretty intense, but I loved every second of it.

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    It's heaps of fun and a huge adrenaline rush, it's also perfectly safe so don't back out!

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    I would probably go into shock and forget to pull the cord.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shaak View Post
    It's heaps of fun and a huge adrenaline rush, it's also perfectly safe so don't back out!
    Perfectly safe. Lol. You must have not read the news at all for the past couple years. There were several incidents of people losing their life when the parachute fails, or when people lose control and ram into each other at high speeds, or when that little old lady almost slipped out of her parachute vest or whatever they wear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by muto View Post
    I would probably go into shock and forget to pull the cord.
    That's why you tandem jump the first time.

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    I would love to do this, havent gotten around to it yet hah.
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    There's a small, but not negligible chance you will die doing this . Have fun !
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    Remember to keep a cool face while you're jumping, not the scaredee cat look.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chosenkiwi View Post
    There's a small, but not negligible chance you will die doing this . Have fun !
    It is not as dangerous as ocean fishing off a rock in NZ.

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    Try to read this:

    It can help a little.

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    Used to suffer from a fear of heights to the point where I could not look out of a 3rd story window without feeling dizzy, then on a dare I managed to raise £500 for the Marie Curie Cancer care charity. Was absolutely shaking like crazy in the plane up (and I had never been in a plane before) but managed to go through with it, the first 2 or 3 seconds where the worst, after which it is the most fantastic experience you can have and cured my fear of heights.

    Since then I have done a 200ft abseil down the Royal Liverpool for Linda McCartney center, a 300ft Bungee Jump for the sheer fun and I am going to be doing a reverse Bungee later on this year. None of these, and my love for adrenaline rush's would not have been possible if I had not been on the Skydive.

    Good Luck and your going to have a lot of fun.

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    love to fly .....

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    I have a friend who skydives. I think he's crazy but he says it makes him feel alive.

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    i would fucking shit my pants hardcore...


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    I'm surprised so many people would not do it

    It's something I'd love to do, don't know if I ever will but it's one of those things on my bucket list

    Have fun OP, it's perfectly safe since I assume you will have an instructor tied to you. Don't be to scared. Remember the guy tied to you is in control the entire time, he's probably done this a thousand times already.

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