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    What to do with honor points?

    What are u guys doing with your honor pts after fully upgrading and buying all heirlooms? Anything to do with them besides buy motes? 400pts for 1 mote isnt too tempting.

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    Like justice, honor becomes useless.

    You can save and keep them for next patch tho, might give more gold cos people want more stuff at patch etc. You should have ton of honor once conquer points turn into honor as well
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    Daggers from legacy wep guy in org that vendor for something like 17g each. More worth it than the motes and it beats doing dailies for money.

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    What are u guys doing with your honor pts

    -Buy ring for 1250 honor
    -Shard it for 1-2 Ethereal Shard
    -Make around 80g-160g profit

    It sucks I know

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