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    I don't say anything, cute or not cute. All babies look the same to me, and it's not really that important as they won't look like that forever.

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    yes i most definitely would.
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    I would tell my good friends that there baby is ugly, other people if the baby is ugly i usually just say it looks alot like one of the parents. Gets me out of it most times.

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    No. I would think it though!

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    Well if they ask me I'll be truthful.

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    I started as an beautiful baby and now I'm ugly. Others start ugly and turn into a supermodel. Don't judge a baby
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    no. I wouldn't say its beautiful either though.
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    i dont like anybabys

    so cute or not i dont care i dont like them ;D
    Oh and yes i would say that , jo thats one ugly baby !

    oh and no i dont have a probleme saying that i dont like babys .
    I tell poeple what i think , even if they dont want to hear it , thats all me getting the ugly truth in your face , if you cant handle it.. bad luck !

    so what sue me because i dont like babys !
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    I've met some pretty ugly babies so far in my life. I couldn't really say anything out loud about it tho.

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    No, and why would you even go up to some parents and say that to them? What the fuck is the point in doing that? What are you gaining by saying that to them?

    Some babies are really cute, while others can look funny. Telling a parent that their kid looks ugly is asking for a deck in the face. Yeah....don't do that. New moms can be very unstable and emotional.

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    Also, the baby on the bottom picture looks like it was just recently born. Newly born babies look hella funny. They are red in the face, squished looking, swollen, and wrinkly. The two above look a little older.
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    If their baby is notably ugly. Most babies look the exact same so it's not like there's much chance.

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    I could never say that to someone i don't know very well. If it was my sister or someone i'd joke around while being semi serious. But usually babys are always cute. Just the faces they make make them cute lol.
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    All babies are nasty until at least 3 months. I dont say it to their face that their baby is ugly, just as soon as they turn their back then yeah.

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    I wouldn't tell anyone they look ugly. That's not a thing that can be changed. I would make a comment about hair or clothing style. But not looks that you can't change. Especially babies'. All newborns are ugly, or at least most of them. But that changes quickly :3

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    I have before. A new mother spamming Facebook with pictures of her "beautiful" baby. I told her it wasn't beautiful at all.

    Its head was shaped like a loaf of bread.

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    I have told my sister, she couldn't but agree with me

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    I wouldn't tell anyone they look ugly. That's not a thing that can be changed. I would make a comment about hair or clothing style. But not looks that you can't change. Especially babies'. All newborns are ugly, or at least most of them. But that changes quickly :3
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    All babies are ugly IMO, even my daughter was, but I wouldn't tell anyone theirs is.
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    No babies look ugly to me, they all look sort of the same. I just... Can't tell the difference between a good and a bad one.
    It's a baby!

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    To me most babies look the same, I wouldn't say they are ugly even if I dislike them. Newborns are all ugly as hell, my mother even told me I was ugly.

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    why do you have to be such a kill joy?
    When the baby is ugly, i just smile

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