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    Hmm, I'd never tell someone that their baby is ugly. If I know the gender, I might say "It looks just like it's father/mother" instead of "Oh my fucking gosh, did that ugly creature crawl out of you/your wife?! Poor you."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Felfury View Post
    Why would I go out of my way to directly offend somebody when I could so easily not say anything?
    How are you going out of your way though when someone is asking you something? Are you just going to remain silent?

    When you look long enough, Diglett's nose turns into a mouth with 1 tooth!

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    No, but that does not hide my perception that 1/10 are actually butt ugly
    Quote Originally Posted by Elim Garak View Post
    Except there was no Russian Invasion into Crimea.
    Not like Putin acknowledged it on national tv..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yvelisse View Post
    It's not about caring or not. When someone asks you something are you going to lie or tell the truth.
    This is ridiculous. We all know there is honesty and then an honest opinion. An honest opinion doesn't always need to be said. The majority if us know when to keep those opinions to ourselves. This situation, should it ever arise, is on of them and you know it.

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    Pretty much a pointless thing... The looks of a baby have almost zero relation to how a person will look down the road.
    With that, the attribute cute fits to every baby. Anything beyond has no value.

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