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Thread: Blizzard

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    I want Dragons, Dwarves, Trolls, Elves, Adventure, Chests, Seas, Rivers, Swords, Contraband, Character Development, Menace at every corner, Dungeons that feel like Greenhouses, Random world encounters, A sense of A->B taking proportionate time, Team rewards, 40 man raiding, Zones with no flying, Crowd control, Free Realm transfer so we can all play the game properly, faction balance, Improved profs (why can someone get max in 20 mins after new expansion, think about this, it's not good for game), allow us old skoolers to adventure, let's see BlackRock

    OK hold on everyone

    here is next expansion. It's blackrock explosion. It will be incredible.

    What would you like to see in next expansion? I would like a shift back to goblins and ghouls and the wow universe. Panda idea was not well met and the stats will show soon (many played then left very quickly).

    WHat will happen?

    Space expansion, outlands II. Which will be lapped up. And ok me too )

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    Funny because this expac is where im more intrested in lore, because theres actually a lot more lore development and mystery. As for your second point, dont talk shit you dont know or understand about because the theme doesn't appeal to you, you dont know how many people enjoy the story or are actually playing. Thank you.

    Also most of your points are so rubbish is not even funny, ''how can someone reach max im 20mins?'' Yeah I cant take you seriously
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    Fair enough.

    But I don't agree with you.

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    wow is fine, MOP is fun ... go cry somewhere else

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unclekreepy View Post
    wow is fine, MOP is fun ... go cry somewhere else
    Look at his past posts, hes been crying for years, even since Wotlk lol. Stale thread.

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    I respect your opinion.
    But I would like to ask you to refrain from saying things like: "Panda idea was not well met and people left very quickly".
    Why? Because that information is false and offers nothing to your post.

    PS. What do you mean with "faction balance"?
    And 40-man raiding is dead and should stay dead.
    It's impossible to create the awesome encounters they have now with 40 people.
    It'd be either too hard or too easy.

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    Blackrock? What?
    We've already cleared that place out like four times.

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    Max lvl in 20 min. Go talk untrue facts somewhere else.

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